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Rector’s decision regarding the Helmuth Nyborg case

The University of Aarhus would like to advise that the so-called Helmuth Nyborg case – which has given rise to considerable media and public interest – has now been concluded.

On 21 September 2006, Mr Lauritz B. Holm-Nielsen, Rector of the University of Aarhus, summoned Professor Nyborg to a meeting and informed him of his decision regarding the matter of the “Sex-related differences in general intelligence” research project (the Skanderborg project).

Mr Holm-Nielsen agrees with the dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences that – in connection with the so-called Skanderborg project – Professor Nyborg prepared the investigation and used its results in a way that must be characterised as grossly negligent behaviour.

Mr Holm-Nielsen says, “There is a clear case of official misconduct on the part of Professor Nyborg. By way of disciplinary punishment, I have therefore issued Professor Nyborg with a severe reprimand. This matter is thus closed – and his suspension from duty is now revoked.”

The rector’s written decision has been sent to Professor Nyborg and his trade union – the Danish Association of Masters and PhDs.

Public right of access to documents applies to the rector’s decision regarding the disciplinary reaction to Professor Nyborg, cf. The Danish Access to Public Administration Files Act (§ 2, article3), and information contained in this document can therefore be requested.

Further details are available from Anders Frølund, Head of Communications and Public Affairs, tel+45 8942 2343, mobile +45 2899 2517, e-mail

Reference is also made to the report on Professor Nyborg’s Skanderborg project. This report was prepared by an expert committee appointed by the dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences. Read the report at

As Rector Lauritz B. Holm-Nielsen's decision has been published on other web sites, the University of Aarhus has also decided to make it available.

Read the decision here

Kind regards
Anders Frølund

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