#1 Case Competition in Educational Development

Case Competitions provide a great opportunity for students to apply their knowledge and to be recognized for their accomplishments. As management, administrators and instructors, we need to provide the support for this to happen. This includes financial support, training and providing all the support necessary.

Richard Donovan, Professor of Practice in Management at McGill University in Montreal, develops and teaches educational programs within case competition and is and an internationally acclaimed capacity in this field. This workshop will cover McGill’s 20 year journey through case competitions with key lessons learned.

By attending, you will get a thorough insight into the possibilities of including case competitions in educational development at AU.


  • How does Mc Gill work with case competition?
  • Focus on challenges and benefits with cross-disciplinary case competitions
  • Outline of Unleash (and other cross disciplinary case competitions)
  • What skill sets do students develop by working with case competitions?
  • What can case competitions contribute to curricular and extracurricular courses?
  • How can business-cases be positioned in curriculum?

This workshop is targeted at management, middle management and others at Aarhus University, who work with educational planning or -development.

Date: 8/3 from 9 – 11.30

Place: Frandsensalen, Building 1430

Sign up: By writing to mekr@au.dk

Deadline for signing up is 1/3