Workshop #1
6/3 2018 from 15 - 21

The meeting place at 15 is: Building 5794, Åbogade 40, 8200 Århus N
Place: From 18-21 we will be in Building 5511, room 022 (parterre), Åbogade 15, 8200 Århus N.

Team building and team profile feedback
Meet your team, and learn how your personal profile goes with the profiles of your teammembers.
A professional consultant from HR specialists Garuda facilitates group reflection on team profile. 


Workshop #2
14/3 2018 from 16 – 21

Place: Building 5511, room 022 (parterre), Åbogade 15, 8200 Århus N.

Pitch and presentation
Pitching is a skill, which can be applied in all aspects of life: how do you convey your message clearly within a limited time span. Pitcherific are experts in this field and provide you with advice and an online platform from which you can pitch convincingly anywhere, anytime. Learn to create great storyline for your presentation.


Workshop #3
21/3 2018 from 15 - 21

NOTE! The meeting place at 15.00 is: Building 5794, Åbogade 40, 8200 Århus N.
From 17.30 we will be in: Building 5511, room 022 (parterre), Åbogade 15, 8200 Århus N.

Business Model Canvas + Toolbox for Case Competition
Learn the basic elements and of a business plan, and gain understanding of basic business terms, facilitated by Inno-X consultants. And get a professional problem solving toolbox, provided by Boston Consulting Group, market leading Business Strategy Consultants. BCG will introduce you to how you analyze and solve cases.


Workshop #4
4/4 2018 from 14 - 22

Place: Building 5511, room 022 (parterre), Åbogade 15, 8200 Århus N.

Test-case for Arla
Arla provides a real life case within CSR and Sustainability, suitable for a cross disciplinary approach.
The test-case runs like a real case competition, culminating in presentations and a winning team is found!
Arla, Boston Consulting Group and Rector Brian Bech Nielsen will be present.


Aarhus Case Competition Week
11/4 - 12/4 2018

Place: AU BSS

Participate in Aspire Case Camp
Aspire Case Camp is part of Aarhus Case Competition week. Altogether 55 teams work for 24 hours, on the main case of the week. The nine best teams proceed to the finals, where they present their solution to a panel of six judges from the business world. Finally, the panel appoints a winning team.