Aarhus University Annual Celebration 2011

Speech to Klaus G. Grunert – winner of the Aarhus University Anniversary Foundation’s Research Communication Prize

The two days most rich in tradition in the University year are Carl Holst-Knudsen's birthday on 28 May and the University's own anniversary on 11 September, which we are celebrating today. On the anniversary of Carl Holst-Knudsen's birth we celebrate research and talent through the research and PhD prizes awarded by the University and the Research Foundation, while today we honour the communication of research results and teaching. It is a special pleasure to me to be able to award the Aarhus University Anniversary Foundation’s Research Communication Prize and the Aarhus University Anniversary Foundation’s Prize of Honour for Pedagogics.

Aarhus University Anniversary Foundation’s Research Communication Prize goes this year to Professor Klaus G. Grunert, Centre Director, of the Department of Business Administration.

Dear Klaus,

I hereby present you with the Research Communication Prize of 100,000 kroner in recognition of your outstanding results in the area of research communication at Aarhus University.

During the past few years, Aarhus University has undergone the most fundamental transformation in its history, and some of the key concepts in that process have been interdisciplinarity and the exchange of knowledge with the surrounding society. You provide an outstanding example of how these concepts should be correctly put into practice. As the founder and head of the MAPP Centre for Research on Customer Relations in the Food Sector, you have succeeded in combining research of high academic quality with close cooperation with the business world, and have given high priority to putting research results into practice.

In addition to good and mutually fruitful cooperation with a number of companies, organisations and ministries, you have also worked closely with researchers from other academic disciplines, including some in completely different fields. In this way, you have functioned as an important ambassador for  research in the social sciences.

One illustration of your strong emphasis on the communication of research is the fact that since the foundation of MAPP in 1991, you have arranged numerous well-attended conferences at which the Centre's research results have been disseminated. At the same time, you have arranged countless presentations and seminars, and in this way you have contributed to the exchange of useful knowledge with the rest of society.

You are thus a most deserving recipient of the Research Communication Prize.