Aarhus University Annual Celebration 2011

Speech to winners of the Queen's travel grant

Aarhus University is a university with close ties to the royal family. His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederick has his Master's degree in Political Science from the University and is the University's first distinguished alumnus, while Her Majesty the Queen studied both archaeology and political science here. When Queen Margrethe celebrated her 70th birthday last year, it was natural that the University's gift should reflect and lend support to this close relationship. In consultation with the Queen, Aarhus University therefore decided to establish "HM Queen Margrethe II's travel grants for students at Aarhus University". I will now present two travel grants, each of DKK 25,000, to one student each from archaeology and political science. I will ask Eva Mortensen from the Department of Culture and Society to come forward.

Dear Eva Mortensen,

It is a great pleasure to me to present you with the Queen's travel grant of 25,000 kroner. You have distinguished yourself with your acute and methodical approach to carrying out large and complex projects. At the same time, you have demonstrated your great commitment to your subject, and as a result you have now been accepted for enrolment as a PhD student under the 4+4 programme. This is a travel scholarship, and to judge from your achievements to date, you will be able to put it to good use in your future academic career. I know that you have already participated in field work in Athens, on the Greek island of Delos and in Veruchio, Italiy. Before the summer vacation you attended a conference in Izmir in Turkey, and next autumn you will spend some time studying at Tübingen University in Germany.

There is thus no doubt that you will find good use for the Queen's travel grant, and I hope you will use the award to travel overseas and increase your knowledge, and bring back new insight to Aarhus University and to Denmark.

Congratulations on the great work you have put in! And good luck for the future!

The next grant winner, political science student Rie Kristin Langbehn, has, in the best European tradition, gone "down under", and for this reason she is unfortunately unable to be here today; she is currently on a student exchange visit to Sidney. Rie Kristin Langbehn will therefore be presented with the Queen's travel grant at a later date.

On that occasion, Rie Kristin Langbehn will also receive hearty congratulations and good wishes for the future!