The Aarhus University’s Anniversary Foundation Prize of Honour for Pedagogics 2013

The Aarhus University’s Anniversary Foundation Prize of Honour for Pedagogics 2013

The universities educate more young people than ever before. To ensure high quality in our degree programmes, it is important that our teaching staff combines research substance with pedagogical insight.

In recognition of this, the Aarhus University Anniversary Foundation's Prize of Honour for Pedagogics has therefore been awarded each year since 2009 to a researcher who has made a particularly distinguished contribution to university pedagogics. This year the prize and the 100,000 Danish kroner go to associate professor at the Department of Culture and Society Lisanne Wilken.I would like to ask Lisanne to step forward.

Dear Lisanne,

More students than ever before travel abroad to study. This is a very positive development and, as a society, we benefit greatly from both the Danish students who travel abroad - and the foreign students, who come here.

But internationalisation also gives rise to challenges, and it is important that we deal with these challenges. Foreign students have experience with a different educational system and they often have a different academic and cultural background. These are factors that we must take into account during teaching, and your efforts in this area have been pioneering. In your work with ’the international classroom’, you have developed ways of teaching, types of exams and forms of guidance that manage to integrate students with widely differing prerequisites. The international Master’s degree programme in European Studies is just one of many examples of the results that your energy and your wholehearted pedagogic commitment have produced.

Therefore. Thank you for your efforts and congratulations with the prize!