Aarhus University collects ideas

The university encourages all students and employees to contribute their input to the master plan and to participate in refining the visions for the property and ensuring that we provide the best possible framework for teaching, research, student life, etc.

The decision on who will relocate has been made. The senior management team wants your input on:

  • How do we create a good academic environment?
  • What student activities should be present?
  • What kinds of classrooms do you need?
  • How do we create the best teaching environment?
  • How can we support collaboration with business and industry and with new businesses?
  • How do we create good office environments?
  • What kinds of cafeterias and cafes would you like to see there? 
  • What kinds of outdoor facilities and spaces do you need?
  • Should there be sport facilities in the University City?

Opportunities for codetermination at the faculties


  • The individual faculties will also hold local meetings and gather input on the master plan. 
  • All input will be collected and considered in relation to the overall synergies in AU’s physical development.
  • This input will be presented to the board in connection with the final approval of the master plan in December 2018.
  • In addition to participating in the activities taking place at the individual faculties, students and employees will be able to send input via the form on the right or submit their input to nycampus@au.dk throughout the process.

Codetermination in the later stages of the process

When the relocation plans have been finalised and it has been decided who will move into which buildings, floors and rooms, local user involvement processes will be initiated.