Promotional video for the University of Tomorrow

What should the university of the future be like?

Based on a brief about the University of Tomorrow and Campus 2.0, in spring 2017 a group of Media Studies students produced a series of promotional videos for Aarhus University. Their productions were part of a Visual Storytelling course taught by Associate Professor Jens Haaning. The brief was provided by Construction and Planning in cooperation with Communication and Press, the Rector’s Office.

Promotional video focusing on study environment

The students were asked to imagine that Aarhus University had completed its plans for Campus 2.0 and was ready to start promoting and branding the campus area as the study and research environment of the future. More specifically, they were asked to produce a promotional video lasting max. 2 minutes and targeted at students, focusing on the study environment at the University of Tomorrow. Definitely not an easy task, as Aarhus University has only just started this process. And Jens Haaning made no secret of this when presenting the case to the students: “The case is by no means straightforward this year, which was also clear from the students’ reactions to the brief. But the harder the task, the more creative the solution. That is often how it is.”

Future students want room for an active student life and confetti

Seven creative, fun and very different videos were produced, and the top five were uploaded to Aarhus University’s Facebook page to compete for the most likes in 24 hours. The winner was ‘University of Tomorrow’ featuring two future students aged 7 and 9 years, who were invited to a meeting with Pro-rector Berit Eika, who was keen to hear their views on what the University of Tomorrow should look like. “It’s a fun and very ungimmicky little film, which – in just 80 seconds – succeeds in drawing attention to the campus development process which Aarhus University has just kicked off. It’s a clever idea and well executed,” says University Director Arnold Boon, who was full of praise after having taken part in the screening of the seven videos.


‘University of Tomorrow’ received markedly more likes than the other four videos, and the four women behind the video won tickets to the Northside Festival 2017.

Watch the winner here (in Danish)

Watch the other four promotional videos here: