In January 2016, Forskningsfondens Ejendomsselskab A/S (FEAS) purchased the hospital buildings on Nørrebrogade and leased them to AU. The preparations for AU’s move to the buildings will begin in 2019.

Parallel task

As the future owner of the buildings, FEAS – in agreement with the City of Aarhus – has launched a process which will result in a local development plan for the area. The process entails that a ‘parallel task’ was performed in autumn 2016, with three architectural firms each preparing a proposal for the future design and use of the area.

The winning proposal will now be further processed into a development plan, which will form the basis for the local development plan. The development plan and the subsequent local development plan do not lay down the final use of the area for various university purposes, as the local development plan is binding only in respect of the location of housing on the site. The local development plan will lay down the location of and principles for access to roads and paths internally on the site, including requirements regarding parking and open spaces, location and scope as well as overall architectural requirements in respect of new buildings and the scope of housing on the site. In addition, the local development plan specifies buildings worthy of preservation which must not be demolished.

Work on the local development plan will take place throughout 2017, and through its collaboration with the City of Aarhus and FEAS, AU can influence the design of the planning framework for the development of the area.

Lease and development agreement

As part of the finalisation of the transaction between FEAS and Central Denmark Region, a lease agreement and a development agreement are to be prepared to govern the relations between FEAS and AU. The ultimate deadline for the conclusion of the lease agreement is one year before the takeover, i.e. April 2018.