Your ideas are important

It is important that we continually develop our campus in Aarhus to keep step with users’ needs and wishes. Students’ use of and requirements for their study environment differ from 20 years ago, the research infrastructure is changing in line with technological developments, and the university’s interaction with the city and the business community is increasing. This makes demands on the physical framework, which Aarhus University must be able to accommodate.

The ambition is to create a future-proof, city-integrated campus with student life and round-the-clock activities. A campus which, combined with the existing campus, can take the overall area to new heights.

To that end, we need good input from all our stakeholders. We need your help!

What will it take for you as student or employee to see Aarhus University as an attractive place to be? What will it take to make you as university partner or citizen in the area want to use and be a part of the new campus? We would very much like to know. 

In your opinion, what should the city-integrated Campus 2.0 of the future offer?