Appointment of Academic Staff at Universities


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Ministerial Order on the Appointment of Academic Staff at Universities

Pursuant to section 29(3) of the Act on Universities (the University Act) (Universitetsloven), cf. Consolidation Act no. 695 of 22 June 2011, it is stipulated that:


1. The purpose of this order is to set the overall framework for the appointment of academic staff and to allow universities to develop and amend their administrative rules governing appointments in a manner that matches the needs of individual subject areas and appointments.


2.-(1) This order applies to the appointment of members of staff in positions covered by the job structure for academic staff at universities.

(2) The order also applies to appointments to clinical professorships and clinical associate professorships but may in those cases be modified by special agreements.

(3) The university lays down any supplementary rules to this order.


3.-(1) Positions at professor and associate professor level must be advertised internationally, except under special circumstances of an academic nature, see, however, sections 7-9.

(2) Upon the simultaneous appointment of entire research groups which are already collaborating, appointment may take place without advertisement if it is documented that the relevant researchers as a group will be able to carry out the desired task.


4.-(1) The university lays down rules on the academic assessment of applicants in connection with appointments to academic positions.

(2) The academic assessment must take into consideration whether the applicants possess the academic qualifications in research, teaching, communication etc. stipulated in the job structure and, in addition, fulfil the other academic and professional requirements stipulated in the advertisement. A non-prioritised, reasoned and written assessment of the applicants' academic qualifications is submitted to the rector. If there are differences of opinion between the academic assessors, this must be indicated in the assessment.

5. The university may lay down rules for the documentation of applicants' qualifications, including rules for the scope of the material which applicants are allowed to submit for assessment.


6. The rector's decision about the appointment must normally be made no more than six months after the expiry of the deadline for applications.

Appointment without advertisement

7. The rector may decide to offer a candidate a position at professor or associate professor level without advertising the position if there is a particularly well qualified candidate for the position who, in an academic assessment, is found to be clearly better qualified than any others who might be considered for the position if it was advertised under the normal procedure. The rector may set up a committee with a remit to explore the market for candidates for positions at professor or associate professor level.

Externally funded appointments

8. If foundations or councils or non-governmental grant givers have made at least half the funding available for the appointment of a person nominated by the grant givers in question, the rector may appoint this person without advertising the position, but following a positive academic assessment only, see section 4.

Appointment and reappointment for up to one year

9. Fixed-term appointment for a period of up to one year – or for up to two years for foreign employees at professor or associate professor level – and reappointment for up to one year make take place without advertising, provided that the member of staff in question is assessed as academically qualified for the position, see section 4. If the total duration of employment including reappointment exceeds two years – or three years for foreign employees at professor or associate professor level – the position must be advertised and an academic assessment conducted, see section 4.

Commencement and interim provisions

10.-(1) This Ministerial Order enters into force on 1 April 2012 and applies to positions advertised and filled after that date. Appointments currently being processed will be completed in accordance with the previous rules.

(2) Ministerial Order no. 284 of 25 April 2008 on the Appointment of Academic Staff at Universities (the Appointment Order) is hereby repealed.

(3) The rules set out in sections 4 and 5 of the Ministerial Order of 25 April 2008 are applicable until the university lays down rules pursuant to section 4 of this Ministerial Order.

Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education, 13 March 2012

Morten Østergaard

/ Werner Sonne

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