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The Use of Computers in Examinations


In the event of any inconsistency between the Danish and English language versions of the document, the Danish version prevails


Aarhus University's rules of 01/02/2011 on the use of computers in examinations

These rules do not apply to exams at the School of Business and Social Sciences, which are administered digitally. For more information regarding these exams, please see

In accordance with section 10 of Ministerial Order no. 857 of 1 July 2010 on University Examinations and Grading (the Examination Order) (Eksamensbekendtgørelsen), the following rules apply to the use of computers for examinations at Aarhus University.

1.-(1) Computers may be used for written on-site examinations for which all or selected aids are allowed. The academic regulations stipulate which examinations computers may be used for.

2.-(1) Examinations for which computers are allowed are subject to Aarhus University's rules on registration for, participation in and withdrawal of registration for examinations of 1 February 2011 and Aarhus University’s rules on disciplinary measures for students of 6 October 2004.

3.-(1) For examinations for which computers are allowed, the university shall be responsible for:

• Setting up of tables and chairs

• Access to power source, see however section 5

(2) The university reserves the right, in the event of malfunction of computers before commencement of the examination, to move examinees to another room in order to achieve optimum utilisation of the number of seats available for computer use.

4.-(1) The type of examination, including the use of computers when possible, must be selected when registering for the examination.

(2) If the number of examinees exceeds the number of seats made available by the university for computer use, the allotment of seats shall take place by drawing lots.

5.-(1) Examinees must bring their own computer and noiseless printer as well as any necessary extension leads, junction boxes etc. and paper for printing out the exam paper.

(2) Matrix printers and connection of sound (regardless of the use of headphones etc.) to computers is not allowed.

(3) The examinee is responsible for the operational reliability of the equipment brought for the test. No technical assistance will be provided before, during or after the test. Malfunctions caused by individual operational problems will not result in extended test time or permission for a re-examination.

6.-(1) Examinees will have access to the examination room 30 minutes before commencement of the exam in order to set up their computer and printer. Computer and printer must be ready when the examination commences.

7.-(1) Two copies of the paper must be handed in and must be available in printed and completed state when the examination is over.

(2) Any possibility of handing in the paper in digital form will be announced separately to students registered for the examination before the examination is held. Requests for permission to hand in a paper in digital format as a result of a malfunction requires an application for exemption, and the paper must be handed in before leaving the test room, if necessary using a USB flash drive containing the paper.

8.-(1) Examinees may switch to writing by hand at any time.

9.-(1) Examinees bear the risk of damage to or theft of computer equipment while the equipment is in the examination room.

10.-(1) These rules come into force on 1 February 2011 and replace Aarhus University’s rules regarding the use of computers for written examinations of 15 March 2005.

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