The Use of Computers in Examinations


In the event of any inconsistency between the Danish and English language versions of the document, the Danish version prevails


Aarhus University’s rules of 1 September 2017 on the use of computers for on-site examinations – digital on-site examinations taken in the Digital Exams system or WISEflow and on-site examinations with computer and printer:


Pursuant to Ministerial Order no. 1062 of 30 June 2016 on Examinations and External Examination in University Degree Programmes (the Examination Order) and the Ministerial Order no. 1500 of 2 December 2016 on Examinations on Professionally Oriented Higher Education Degree Programmes, the following is laid down:


Part 1


1.-(1) These rules apply where it is stipulated in the academic regulations that computers are to be used in the on-site examination.


2.-(1) Examinations in which computers are used are also subject to Aarhus University’s rules on placement of, registration for, participation in and withdrawal of registration for courses and examinations, Aarhus University’s rules regarding on-site examinations and Aarhus University’s rules regarding disciplinary measures for students at Aarhus University.


3.-(1) Supplementary rules regarding exams in the Digital Exams system and WISEflow are published on the study portal.



Part 2

The university’s obligations

4.-(1) For examinations in which computers are used, the university is responsible for:

-          Setting up tables and chairs.

-          Providing access to electricity as well as access to the internet where relevant, however see section 5.


(2) In the event that a computer malfunctions before commencement of the examination, the university reserves the right to relocate examinees to another room in order to achieve optimum utilisation of the number of seats available for computer use.



Part 3

Students’ obligations

5.-(1) Students are responsible for seeking information in the academic regulations and the course catalogue on the use of computers for the examination in question.


(2) In connection with digital exams in the Digital Exams system and WISEflow, students are also responsible for staying informed about any additional rules by consulting the study portal.


6.-(1) In connection with digital exams, students may bring one computer to the exam along with necessary extension cords, junction boxes, etc., unless otherwise specified in the rules for the specific exam in the academic regulations or the course catalogue.


(2) Students must bring their own computer and associated equipment, including a low-noise printer as well as any necessary extension cords, junction boxes etc. as well paper for printing out the exam paper in connection with examinations with a printer.


(3) No connection of sound (even using headphones etc.) to computers is allowed, unless otherwise specified for the examination in question.


(4) Students are responsible for the operational reliability of the equipment brought to the examination. No technical assistance will be provided before, during or after the examination. Malfunctions caused by individual operational problems will not result in extended examination time or permission for a re-examination.



Part 4

Other provisions

7.-(1) Students must be given access to the examination room 30 minutes before commencement of the examination in order to set up and prepare their computers and printers (where relevant), in order to ensure that computers and printers are ready well in advance of the commencement of the exam.


8.-(1) For examinations which are to be printed out, the exam paper must be printed and completed by the time the examination is over.


(2) Requests for permission to hand in a paper in digital format in connection with examinations with printer as a result of a malfunction requires an application for an exemption. Students must hand in their exam papers before leaving the examination room, if necessary using a USB flash drive which students are responsible for bringing to the examination, unless otherwise stated.


9.-(1) In cases in which it is not possible for a student to continue participating in the examination on the computer, the student may switch to writing by hand. The student must notify the exam supervisor of the switch to writing by hand, and the final paper submitted must be accompanied by a brief description of the reasons for which the paper was completed by hand.


10.-(1) Students are liable for damage to or theft of computer equipment while such equipment is in the examination room.



Part 5

Entry into force

11.-(1) These rules come into force on 1 September 2017.


(2) These rules replace Aarhus University's rules regarding the use of computers for examinations of 1 September 2016.


Aarhus University, 1 September 2017.


Berit Eika