The Faculty of Arts

Arts is one of Northern Europe’s largest centres for research and education into cultural and social conditions. The faculty’s researchers work in a variety of fields, including theology, archaeology, languages, area studies, information studies and the educational sciences.

Dean: Johnny Laursen

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Aarhus BSS

Aarhus BSS is one of the largest business schools in Europe and Denmark’s largest business and social sciences unit at university level.

Dean: Thomas Pallesen

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The Faculty of Health

Health is a research-intensive faculty which offers degree programmes across the health sciences spectrum, including medicine, dentistry, sport science and public health. The faculty’s mission is to improve the health of the population through research, talent development and education at a high international level, as well as to ensure knowledge dissemination and knowledge transfer throughout the field of healthcare.

Dean: Lars Bo Nielsen

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The Faculty of Science and Technology

Science and Technology includes activities within classical natural sciences research and education, public sector research consultancy and engineering. Through internationally recognised research, educating talented young people, advising government agencies, and collaborating with private and public enterprises, Science and Technology contributes significantly to the development of our knowledge-based society.

Dean: Niels Christian Nielsen

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