Botanical Garden and greenhouses


The Botanical Garden is one of the city’s largest parks, with lots of space and areas with special plants and trees. The Greenhouses contain four different climate zones of beautiful flowers and impressive plants.

The Museum of Ancient Art

A university museum specializing in research and dissemination in the art and culture of ancient Greece and Italy.



Ole Rømer Observatory


The observatory is open to the public from October to May and offers approximately 15 free presentations each month.



Den Gamle By


The Old Town. The museum is a living picture of everyday life in the Danish towns of the past. Visit a market town from Hans Christian Andersen’s day or a 1970's commune.

Steno Museum


At the Steno Museum, you can explore how we humans relate to nature and science.  And you can see the stars in broad daylight in the planetarium.



Museum of Natural History


The second largest natural history museum in Denmark both in terms of the size of its collections and exhibition space.

Moesgaard Museum



Moesgaard Museum is dedicated to archaeology and ethnography and is located on the estate of Moesgaard Manor in the forest approximately 10 km south of central Aarhus.