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Listing all the users in the department "Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies"
AUID Name TitleTelephone number Mobile number OrganizationEmail  
584168Alessia Palladino   Aarhus Institute of Advanced 
526277Alexander PanayotovAIAS Cofund Junior Fellow+45 8715 3027 Aarhus Institute of Advanced 
526067Anja KampAIAS Cofund Junior Fellow+45 8715 3005 Aarhus Institute of Advanced 
542852Anne Vadmand EjlerskovStudent Worker  Aarhus Institute of Advanced 
26570Armin W. GeertzJens Christian Skou Senior Fellow+45 8715 3273 Aarhus Institute of Advanced 
584164Barbara Elisabeth Borg   Aarhus Institute of Advanced 
149113Bjørn Panyella PedersenAIAS Cofund Junior Fellow+45 8715 3687 Aarhus Institute of Advanced 
549577Btihaj AjanaAssociate professor+45 8715 3685 Aarhus Institute of Advanced 
526079Consuelo ManettaAIAS Cofund Junior Fellow+45 8715 3262 Aarhus Institute of Advanced 
551549Darin Nikolaev StephanovPost.doc (dk)+45 8715 3691 Aarhus Institute of Advanced 
302538David Lassen   Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies  
526080Djuke VeldhuisAIAS Cofund Junior Fellow+45 8715 3496 Aarhus Institute of Advanced 
549565Dorothee BirkeAssociate professor+45 8715 3686 Aarhus Institute of Advanced 
1868Dorte Bank Mariager +45 8715 3557 Aarhus Institute of Advanced 
517259Emilie Frederikke MariendalStudent Worker  Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies 
575494Federica BertolottiAIAS COFUND Fellow+45 8715 3681 Aarhus Institute of Advanced 
572849Filip Jean Remi MeysmanSenior Fellow+45 8715 3562 Aarhus Institute of Advanced 
583768Francesca Diosono   Aarhus Institute of Advanced 
173935Frants Havmand JensenAIAS Cofund Junior Fellow+45 8715 3748 Aarhus Institute of Advanced 
584167Germana Vatta   Aarhus Institute of Advanced 

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  • Aarhus Universitet(main number): +45 8715 0000
    • Campus Aarhus: +45 8715 0000
    • AU BSS, Fuglesangs Allé: +45 8716 4000
    • DCE - Danish Centre for Environment and Energy: +45 8715 5000
    • DCA - Danish Centre for Food and Agriculture: +45 8715 6000

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