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Listing all the users in the department "Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies"
AUID Name TitleTelephone number Mobile number OrganizationEmail  
526277Alexander PanayotovAIAS Cofund Junior Fellow+45 8715 3027 Aarhus Institute of Advanced 
467936Alfonso Blazquez-CastroAIAS Cofund Junior Fellow+45 8715 3139 Aarhus Institute of Advanced 
526062Amy M. IlerAIAS Cofund Junior Fellow+45 8715 3683 Aarhus Institute of Advanced 
526067Anja KampAIAS Cofund Junior Fellow+45 8715 3005 Aarhus Institute of Advanced 
542852Anne Vadmand EjlerskovStudent Worker  Aarhus Institute of Advanced 
26570Armin W. GeertzJens Christian Skou Senior Fellow+45 8715 2373 Aarhus Institute of Advanced 
149113Bjørn Panyella PedersenAIAS Cofund Junior Fellow+45 8715 3687 Aarhus Institute of Advanced 
549577Btihaj AjanaAssociate Professor+45 8715 3685 Aarhus Institute of Advanced 
446706Camille Marie Risager HøjlandStudent Worker  Aarhus Institute of Advanced 
535137Cecilie HahnStudent Worker  Aarhus Institute of Advanced 
478335Cheryl MattinglyDale T. Mortensen Senior Fellow  Aarhus Institute of Advanced 
18464Christian Ulrik AndersenJens Christian Skou fellow+45 8715 3689 Aarhus Institute of Advanced 
526079Consuelo ManettaAIAS Cofund Junior Fellow+45 8715 3262 Aarhus Institute of Advanced 
551549Darin Nikolaev StephanovPost.doc (dk)+45 8715 3691 Aarhus Institute of Advanced 
506816David PetrosyanDale T. Mortensen Senior Fellow+45 8715 3753 Aarhus Institute of Advanced 
526080Djuke VeldhuisAIAS Cofund Junior Fellow+45 8715 3496 Aarhus Institute of Advanced 
549565Dorothee BirkeAssociate Professor+45 8715 3686 Aarhus Institute of Advanced 
1868Dorte Bank Mariager +45 8715 3557 Aarhus Institute of Advanced 
517259Emilie Frederikke MariendalStudent Worker  Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies 
519430Emilie Schou NielsenStudent Worker  Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies 

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  • Aarhus Universitet(main number): +45 8715 0000
    • Campus Aarhus: +45 8715 0000
    • AU BSS, Fuglesangs Allé: +45 8716 4000
    • DCE - Danish Centre for Environment and Energy: +45 8715 5000
    • DCA - Danish Centre for Food and Agriculture: +45 8715 6000

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