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Listing all the users in the department "Department of Physics and Astronomy"
AUID Name TitleTelephone number Mobile number OrganizationEmail  
541240Adnan Nazir +45 8715 6705 Department of Physics and 
187708Agata Foti   Department of Physics and 
433Aksel Stenholm JensenSenior Associate Professor+45 8715 5621 Department of Physics and 
597029Albert Benseny CasesPostdoc+45 8715 5687 Department of Physics and 
506954Albert Bruix Fusté +45 8715 5643 Department of Physics and 
264045Alberto ImparatoAssociate professor+45 8715 5608 Department of Physics and 
229791Alessandro CuocoPostdoc  Department of Physics and 
308698Alexander Holm KiilerichPhD Student+45 8715 5634 Department of Physics and
308698Alexander Holm KiilerichPhD Student+45 4115 0979 Department of Physics and 
485773Alexander Sandfeld Madsen   Department of Physics and Astronomy  
75438Alexandru Csete   Department of Physics and 
610245Alexey V. BaklanovVisiting Professor  Department of Physics and Astronomy  
607294Alfred John Henry JonesPhD Student  Department of Physics and 
451Allan Hvidkjær SørensenAssociate professor+45 8715 5638 Department of Physics and 
484821Amalie StokholmPhD Student  Department of Physics and
484821Amalie Stokholm   Department of Physics and 
302054Amanda Kiilerich   Department of Physics and Astronomy 
233107Anders Aspegren SøndergaardPostdoc  Department of Physics and 
304216Anders Bo Justesen   Department of Physics and
304216Anders Bo JustesenPhD Student  Department of Physics and 
484912Anders Christian Løchte Jørgensen   Department of Physics and Astronomy  
528852Anders Duemose LundMember of Administrative Staff  Department of Physics and
528852Anders Duemose LundResearch Assistant+45 8715 5674 Department of Physics and 
275836Anders Hüche Jensen   Department of Physics and Astronomy  

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    • DCE - Danish Centre for Environment and Energy: +45 8715 5000
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