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AUID Name TitleTelephone number Mobile number OrganizationEmail  
476319Abdi Omar LibanCleaner  HE Administrative Centre - Health Byg Rengø 
467886Adan Jibril YonisCleaner  HE Administrative Centre - Health Byg Rengø 
549966Ahmed Ramadan Mohammed E IbrahimPhD Student+45 7846 2618 Department of Clinical Medicine - Department of Experimental Clinical
549966Ahmed Ramadan Mohammed E Ibrahim   AU Student Administration and Services - International 
537558Aibin Ophelia Marott ZhangIT Staff Member  Department of Physics and 
469457Alexander Dam FlorentsenStudent Worker  AU Student Administration and Services - AU Library Arts, 
461786Alexander Ibsen Christensen   Department of Law  
573872Ali KhalidConsultant  Department of Clinical Medicine - Mave-, Tarm- og Brystkirurgi, 
180238Ali Khalidan VibholmPhD Student  Department of Clinical Medicine - Positron Emission Tomography 
103458Alice Løvendahl SørensenHygiene Nurse  Department of Clinical Medicine - Viborg Regional Hospital  
549431Amanda Kjær PedersenStudent Worker  AU Student Administration and Services - AU Library BSS, Bartholins Alle  
537184Ana Maria SzeibertCaterer  ST Administrative Centre - ST Byg6 Canteen 
492315Anders Damgaard Møller   Department of Clinical Medicine - Viborg Regional 
508142Anders Kindberg BoysenRegistrar  Department of Clinical Medicine - Medicinsk afdeling, 
5647Anders Klostergaard PetersenProfessor with Special Responsibilities+45 8716 2431 School of Culture and Society - Department of the Study of 
154601Anders Lade NielsenProfessor with Special Responsibilities+45 8716 7783 Department of Biomedicine - Forskning og uddannelse, Ø 
316016Anders Otto Nissen Bech   Department of 
18506Anders-Christian JacobsenProfessor with Special Responsibilities+45 8716 2467 School of Culture and Society - Systematic Theology, 
80922Andi Eie AlbertsenClinical Instructor  Department of Clinical Medicine - Hjertesygdomme, 
216112Anette AndersenAdministrative Officer+45 8715 1942 AU Student Administration and Services - AU Library BSS, 
15171Anette Bagger Sørensen   Department of Clinical Medicine - Medicinsk afdeling, 

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