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The Board

The Board is Aarhus University’s highest authority, and its mandate is to promote the university’s interests as an institution of research and education. The Board determines the framework for the university's organisation and sets long-term goals for its activities and development.

Senior management team

The senior management team consists of the rector, the pro-rector, the university director and the deans of the four main academic areas. The rector is responsible for the day-to-day management of the university within the framework set out by the Board. The other members of the senior management team perform their duties and responsibilities by authority of the rector. The senior management team is supported by the Rector’s Office.

The senior management team publishes a weekly newsletter for staff with information on current activities and issues of interest.

Aarhus University’s executive management

In addition to the senior management team, the executive management of Aarhus University consists of the vice-deans, the department heads and the directors of studies, all of whom perform their duties and responsibilities by authority of the Rector.

The main academic areas

The university’s core activities – research, talent development, consultancy and education- are carried out by the departments, sections, centres and other units of the four main academic areas.

AU Administration

AU Administration serves the Board, the senior management team, the main academic areas, appointed committees and other decision-making bodies. AU Administration is managed by the university director in cooperation with the deputy directors who head the university’s administrative divisions: the Rector’s Office, AU Research and Talent, AU Knowledge Exchange, AU Finance and Planning, AU HR, AU Studies, AU Communication and AU IT.

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