News from the Senior Management Team

The Senior Management Team holds a meeting every Monday morning – apart from holidays and public holidays – and publishes News from the Senior Management Team every week (in English subsequently). This includes a brief description of current activities and discussions.

News from the Senior Management Team is sent to all units at Aarhus University, and they can decide for themselves how they want to forward the information to members of staff.
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Latest edition

News from the senior management team no. 10 (28.03.17)

  • AU’s PhD graduates have high employment rates and are highly qualified
  • More international students applying to Aarhus University
  • Final figures for this year’s quota 2 applications now published
  • Aarhus University to supply climate solutions in Central Denmark Region
  • Aarhus University gets its own space programme
  • DKK 65 million to two AU researchers
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