News from the Senior Management Group no. 13/2011

Rector Holm-Jensen re-elected to EUA Board

Rector Holm-Jensen was re-elected to the board of the European University Association (EUA) on Friday. The re-election took place in connection with the EUA's 10th anniversary conference. Rector Holm-Nielsen has been a member of the EUA board since 2008, where he has worked to increase develop Europe's competitive strength as a unified knowledge region in the global university system.

He was also nominated to the position of chairman of the EUA Board. The other candidate for the position was Portuguese Maria Helena Nazaré. Maria Helena Nazaré won the election: she received 160 votes, and Rector Holm-Nielsen received 149. Dr Nazaré is the former rector of Universidade de Aveiro in Portugal. She will replace Swiss Jean-Marc Rapp as chairman in March 2012.

Grants to five Centres of Excellence extended

The grants to five of AUs basic research centres will be extended for five years. This was decided after an international panel including some of the world's leading researchers in relevant fields gave the centres extremely positive evaluations. The Danish National Research Foundation has extended grants to seven Danish basic research centres, five of which are located at AU. The total investment amounts to DKK 330 million.

The five centres, all of which will be able to continue their research activities for at least another five years, are as follows:

  • Centre for Research in Econometric Analysis of Time Series (CREATES)
  • Centre for Carbonate Recognition and Signaling (CARB)
  • Centre for DNA Nanotechnology(CDNA)
  • MADALGO - Centre for MAssive Data ALGOrithmics
  • Centre for Membrane Pumps in Cells and Disease (PUMPKIN)




  • 27 April: Meeting of the University Board
  • 28-30 April: Festival of Research
  • 29 April: Annual boat race in the University Park, Aarhus C
  • 12-14 May: MatchPoints 2011

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