News from the Senior Management Group no. 24/2011

New managers at Arts and Science and Technology

Arne Kjær has been named the new manager of the Centre for Teaching Development and Digital Media at the Faculty of Arts. Arne Kjær was formerly the vice-dean of education with the Faculty of Humanities and head of the Centre for Teaching Development.

At the Department of Geoscience, professor Søren Bom Nielsen is the new head of department. He has been attached to the former Geological Institute since 1995 and has been chairman of the faculty research committee as well as the vice-head of research at the department.

With these two latest appointments, almost all of the new department heads and centre managers have been named. Dept. of Clinical Medicine and Dept. of Forensic Medicine await further clarification.


Statisticians from Aarhus University top impact ranking

According to a new survey from the ranking bureau QS, statisticians from Aarhus University set the standard with regard to citations. As the only university in the world, AU scores top marks in the subject category ' Statistics and Operational Research' for average number of citations per research article in academic journals. When including the subjective reputational factors, Aarhus University comes in at 21st place globally - the best result for a Danish university in any of the 26 subject categories that QS have published during 2011.




  • 23 august: board meeting
  • 9 september: annual celebration
  • 19/20 september: board seminar and meeting








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