News from the Senior Management Team no. 39/2011

Elections at Aarhus University

Elections to the governing bodies at Aarhus University will be held from 29 November to 2 December. For students and academic staff members, there are elections to the Board, academy councils, PhD committees and boards of studies. For the technical and administrative staff in AU Administration, there are elections to the Board. For the technical and administrative staff in the main academic areas, there are elections to both the Board and the academy councils.

Detailed information about the election regulations and timetable is available at AU’s election site, which provides answers to the most common questions. The site includes more information about the activities at the different bodies, and also provides direct contact to the Elections Secretariat.

STADS update

The new study administration systems – STADS, EDDI and STADS VIP – were launched throughout the entire organisation on 24 October, and the extremely comprehensive technical part of the implementation went according to plan. The conversion of the large amount of data has been completed, and the challenge is now to establish efficient day-to-day operations.

A considerable amount of work is still in progress with correcting errors and unresolved issues, and not least getting used to the new working procedures. The academic staff and external examiners are already entering examination results directly, and no serious problems in this connection have been reported to date. Work is currently being done to prepare the systems for course enrolment in the coming week.

New phone numbers at Campus Aarhus

Campus Aarhus is the last location at Aarhus University to get new phone numbers, and they will be implemented from 25 to 28 November. The new phone numbers are already in use at the remaining locations.

As of 28 November, Aarhus University’s new main number is 8715 0000. The new staff extension numbers are made up of the last five digits in their AU phone number, and all the new numbers are available in the search function at

If someone calls an old number, the caller will hear a message that Aarhus University has been given new numbers and be referred to the main local number. This will avoid people continuing to call the old numbers.

Staff are personally responsible for changing their e-mail signatures, business cards, etc.


  • 14 November: Meeting of the University Board
  • 15 November: Meeting with the University and City Liaison Committee
  • 21 November: Visit by Minister for Science, Innovation and Higher Education Morten Østergaard
  • 30 November–1 December: University management seminar at Sandbjerg Manor
  • 6 December: Main Liaison Committee meeting
  • 15 December: Meeting of the University Board
  • 15 December: the Rector’s Christmas speech


Kind regards
The Senior Management Team
11 November 2011

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