News from the Senior Management Team no. 42/2011

Danish research makes international impact

Research at the Danish universities makes the greatest impact compared with the universities in the remaining Nordic countries. This is shown in the new ranking list from Leiden University, which analyses research production at the largest universities in the world.

Aarhus University (AU) is ranked as number fifty-one among the 100 largest universities in the world, which is a jump of nine places compared with 2010. The University of Copenhagen (KU) is one place below, and this makes AU and KU the best ranked universities in the Nordic countries.

The Leiden ranking list focuses exclusively on bibliometric indicators and ranks the universities according to research impact, i.e. the number of times the universities’ research articles are cited by other researchers.

The data material behind the ranking list is available at the Leiden Ranking website. Here you can choose which indicators you would like to use to rank the universities.

Ambitious proposal for new framework programme

EUR 80 billion or approximately DKK 595 billion for research and innovation in the period 2014 to 2020. Such is the ambition of the proposal for a new framework programme submitted earlier this week by the European Commission. This is a significant increase compared with the current framework programme – FP7 – which amounts to EUR 50 billion or approximately DKK 370 billion altogether.

The programme has been named Horizon 2020, and it is divided into three main elements:

  • Excellent Science
  • Industrial Leadership
  • Societal Challenges

In addition, the ambitions in the new framework programme are to make it easier for young researchers to get funding, as well as streamlining procedures and accelerating the process from application to implementation. Negotiations in connection with Horizon 2020 will take place during the Danish EU chairmanship in 2012.


Busy with the new phone numbers

Staff and working partners may experience delays with Aarhus University’s switchboard when calling the new main number 8715 0000.

This is partly because the university has changed to a new telephone system, and also because of changes to AU’s organisation. This places great demands on updating our telephone database, and constant work is being undertaken to improve the service.

Employees can help take the pressure off the switchboard staff by notifying their working partners about the new phone numbers and updating information on their personal homepages.


AU staff member selected as Denmark’s best supervisor

Earlier this week, Cleaning Manager Bente Levisen was selected as the best supervisor in Denmark. She was awarded the prize for her insight into the fact that managing a multi-ethnic department also involves social responsibility. She is in charge of fifty-one cleaners from ten different countries, 80% of whom have a different ethnic background than Danish.

The title ‘Denmark’s Supervisor of the Year’ is awarded annually by the Ministry of Finance’s Agency for the Modernisation of Public Administration.


Department of Biomedicine to get new facilities

Seven teams of consultants are to compete for the right to build new premises and renovate existing facilities at the Department of Biomedicine. This is the outcome of the prequalification round just completed at Aarhus University in collaboration with the Danish University and Property Agency. The new construction is part of the university’s vision plan 2010–2028, and will cover an area of approximately 12,000 square metres, including laboratories and animal facilities for rodents. The project will be carried out with a focus on sustainability and environmentally responsible materials.

The competition is expected to be decided in summer 2012, and the new buildings should be ready in spring 2016.


IT corner inaugurated

Mayor of Aarhus Jacob Bundsgaard, Chairman of the Regional Council of the Central Denmark Region Bent Hansen, Managing Director of the Alexandra Institute Ole Lehrmann, and Rector of Aarhus University Lauritz B. Holm-Nielsen all gathered on Monday afternoon to celebrate the completion of the IT Park with a building on the corner of Helsingforsgade.

The five-storey building covers an area of 8,600 square metres, providing a meeting place for students and researchers from Computer Science, Media Studies, Information Studies and Digital Design. The architectural layout is an open environment, built up around the large lecture theatre with a capacity for 250 people. Maximum focus has also been placed on creating good study areas, a well-stocked library and a café area – all in all a good study and work environment.


  • 6 December: Main Liaison Committee meeting
  • 15 December: Meeting of the University Board
  • 15 December: Rector’s Christmas speech at 15.00 in the Main Hall

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The Senior Management Team
2 December 2011

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