News from the Senior Management Team no. 1/2013

Strong field of applicants for job of rector

Eleven applicants have applied for the position of rector of Aarhus University.

This was clear after the deadline for applications expired earlier in the week. Together with the advisory group made up of representatives of the research staff, the technical-administrative staff and the students, the Chairman of the University Board will evaluate the applications and submit the most suitable candidates for consideration by the appointment committee established by the University Board.

The final decision on the appointment of a new rector for Aarhus University will be made by the Board as a whole.

Meetings on optimum follow-up on WPA

In connection with the publication of the psychological workplace assessment (WPA) at Aarhus University, theme meetings are planned for representatives in the university’s working environment and cooperation organisation.

The theme meetings will focus on how to best follow up with concrete initiatives in response to the local results.

An ideas catalogue has been prepared to provide guidance on how to follow up in the best possible way. The catalogue has been sent out to everyone in the working environment and cooperation organisation.

A total of five meetings will be held: One in Emdrup, one in Foulum and three in Aarhus.

For further information, contact working environment consultant Jacob Søndergaard Jensen, AU HR.

The results of the psychological WPA will be announced on 21 February.

Eminent political scientist to Aarhus University

In 2013 and 2014, the American political scientist Professor Robert Putnam of Harvard University’s School of Government is Aarhus University’s Distinguished Visiting Professor (DVP).

Robert Putnam is regarded as one of the world’s most influential political scientists and a leading researcher on social capital and social inequality – a field of research which has gained even greater relevance as a result of the financial crisis.

Two visits to Aarhus are already planned for Dr Putnam. His first visit will be in May as one of the keynote speakers at this year’s MatchPoints Seminar, where the theme is “social capital and current challenges to social trust and cohesion”. An academic event will also be organised at the Department of Political Science with Professor Putnam. Robert Putnam will return in October.

The two former DVPs at Aarhus University are social theorist Francis Fukuyama and the historian Alistair Thompson.

ERC grant goes to chemistry professor

The European Research Council (ERC) has just awarded an Advanced Grant to Professor Henrik Stapelfeldt, Department of Chemistry. This is the eleventh Advanced Grant to be awarded to a researcher at Aarhus University since 2008.

Henrik Stapelfeldt works with his colleagues at Femtolab where they manipulate molecules with lasers and then record slow-motion films which allow them to observe the chemical processes close-up.

ERC Advanced Grants are awarded to exceptional research leaders who have already produced outstanding research results. Up to EUR 2.5 million is awarded to groundbreaking research projects over a five-year period.

Free courses at Danish University Extension in Aarhus

Aarhus University alumni and employees can register free of charge together with a companion for a course of their choice at the Danish University Extension in Herning, Aarhus or Emdrup.

There are a limited number of places, which are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. When registering, enter the code “AU” under “Specialaftaler” (special agreements).

Registration opened on Friday 11 January at 9.00.


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