News from the Senior Management Team no. 13/2013

AU receives good marks in supervisory report

The Danish Agency for Universities and Internationalisation (UI) has just published a new supervisory report for Aarhus University which describes the university as 'a very well-run university which is seeing strong development within all its core activities and which is now entering a consolidation phase after the university's change process'.

UI has also acknowledged that, between 2011 and 2012, the number of academic years of full-time study increased by 122, while the growth in the number of scientific publications has been higher than the national average. As far as education is concerned, UI is satisfied with the efforts being made to reduce the drop-out rate among first-year students, and with the university's ambition to acknowledge teaching development work to a greater extent.

At the same time, the agency criticises the fact that Aarhus University has not managed to correct the imbalance in the number of incoming and outgoing exchange students.

In its review of Danish universities, UI focuses in particular on three themes:

  • Following up on the National Audit Office of Denmark's (Rigsrevisionen) report on teaching at the universities: Here, UI notes that '85% of the measured degree programmes have seen an increase in the number of teaching and supervision hours, while 60% of the measured degree programmes have seen an increase in the VIP/D-VIP ratio'. At the same time, the agency suggests that AU and the other Danish universities must contribute to establishing a data warehouse for more uniform documentation on teaching activities.
  • Career paths: There is positive mention of the efforts being made to strengthen PhD students' career opportunities outside the university and, moreover, UI notes that Aarhus University is planning to introduce tenure-track positions later in the year.
  • Digitisation: Here, UI notes that Aarhus University is proactively working with digitally supported learning and that, despite challenges with foreign students/researchers and NemID, the focus is on meeting the objectives of the public digitisation strategy.

Health prepares action plan to ensure research integrity

Discussions centred on academic dishonesty when Health organised a symposium on health science research practice last week. The symposium is one contribution to the main academic area's forthcoming guidelines on responsible research practice for researchers working within health and disease.

The work on the guidelines has been initiated to prevent dishonesty and to have a clear and transparent action plan if any individual or group is suspected of dishonesty.

There were presentations by experts from the USA, Germany and Norway at the symposium.

The guidelines and action plans being developed at Health will provide inspiration for subsequent work at Aarhus University.

New partnership to strengthen children's and young people's learning

A new partnership between the City of Aarhus, VIA University College and Aarhus University aims to enhance children's and young people's learning through technological possibilities in education.

By collaborating on knowledge and research, the parties want to demonstrate and highlight educational IT for children aged 0-18 years both in Denmark and internationally. At the same time, the new collaboration will be established as an open network which can create a platform for involving other parties, for example more local authorities.

The partnership agreement is provisionally lasting three years, and entails, among other things, the City of Aarhus making institutions/schools available for the research, while AU and VIA give the municipality access to the latest know-how within IT in educational contexts for children aged 0-18 years. There is also the possibility of financing for PhD students/postdocs or organising joint conferences.

Festival of Research: Focus on smart energy

This year, the S Building on Fuglesangs Allé will house the Festival of Research at Campus Aarhus. The auditoriums and foyer will see speed talks, workshops and exhibitions being staged by Aarhus University researchers from different academic environments. The overall theme for the event is 'Smart Energy', which covers environmental law, climate communication, hydrogen cars and much else besides. Admission is free to all the events.

The Festival of Research will also take place at Aarhus University's other sites in e.g. Roskilde, Årslev, Foulum and Emdrup.

Aarhus University is hosting the Festival of Research on 3 May at 13-18, while the event is being staged throughout Denmark on 2-4 May.

Portal provides overview of research funds

More than 3,000 users have now registered at the online database, which provides an overview of sources of research funding and forthcoming application deadlines.

The database contains information about the individual foundations and the aims of those giving the grants, deadlines, application requirements, budget frameworks, websites, contact info etc. In addition, the database gives researchers the possibility of creating their own personal profile so they can receive reminders automatically about the funding pools which are intended for their particular field.

Examples of financing possibilities with the following application deadlines:

  • 15 May: Lundbeck Foundation's Scientific Projects
  • 28 May: AUFF, AU IDEAS: Pilot Centres and Project Development
  • 30 May: Novo Nordisk Foundation. Endocrinological Research
  • 7 June: AIAS Fellows – Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies
  • 15 June: Toyota Foundation
  • 1 July Villum Foundation – Young Investigator Programme
  • 21 August: Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation

The database was developed by the Research Support Office at Aarhus University Hospital and Aarhus University. The Research Support Office provides assistance in connection with the database and applying for external funding.


  • 24 April: University Board meeting
  • 25 April: Regatta 2013
  • 2-4 May: Festival of Research
  • 23-25 May: MatchPoints 2013
  • 28 May: Holst-Knudsen Award Ceremony and awarding the AUFF PhD prizes

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