News from the Senior Management Team no. 14/2013

Strong advisory panels for national centres

Two new panels will strengthen Aarhus University's research-based consultancy regarding food science, agriculture, the environment and energy.

The advisory panels will be affiliated with the Danish Centre for Food and Agriculture (DCA) and the Danish Centre for Environment and Energy (DCE) and will advise the management at Science and Technology on current and future needs for research, education, knowledge dissemination, public sector services and technology transfer.

All eighteen panel members represent the business community, the public authorities and special interest organisations.

Launch of new university newspaper

On Tuesday 30 April, students and staff can experience the new university newspaper for the first time. Omnibus will be published in a Danish print version and an online version in both English and Danish. Omnibus will be published six times a year.

In addition, Omnibus will host a new debate forum online which will serve as a platform for readers' reactions and views.

Extended registration deadline for MatchPoints 2013

To meet the interest being shown in the MatchPoints event "The new values debate" on Thursday 23 May, more people can now register. Participation is free of charge.

Moreover, it is still possible to register for the MatchPoints event on Friday evening "Culture, trade and politics in a new world order" with the American CNN host and expert in global politics, Fareed Zakaria.

The general public are also welcome to attend the academic part of the MatchPoints Seminar, including the inaugural lecture by Harvard professor Robert D. Putnam, who is attached to Aarhus University as a visiting professor. To register for the individual talks, visit the MatchPoints website. 

Leiden Ranking 2013 published

Aarhus University has been placed no. 77 among the world's biggest universities in the 2013 edition of the  Leiden Ranking. Leiden has also started to produce special field rankings, and in the Natural Sciences and Engineering category, Aarhus University is no. 40 in the world.

The Leiden Ranking is a purely bibliometric ranking list, which only measures the impact of publications. Aarhus University is placed no. 77 among the 132 universities which have registered more than 5,000 publications. Changes in the Leiden Ranking's calculation method means that many technical universities have advanced while several broader universities have lower places. This also applies to Aarhus University, which in 2011 was no. 51 among the world's 100 biggest universities.

The ranking is dominated by American universities, with MIT, Stanford and Harvard taking the top places. The only non-US universities in the top 25 are the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich and the University of Oxford. 

The 23rd annual ‘boat’ race

The biggest annual student event at Aarhus University, the annual boat race on the university pond, was held on Thursday afternoon.

True to tradition, students from twelve different social associations at Aarhus University competed for the much coveted trophy, the "Golden Bedpan". The area around the pond started filling up with students from early Thursday morning, and last year's record of 25,000 spectators is expected to have been broken.

The medical students from UMBI won this year's regatta.


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