News from the Senior Management Team no. 37/2013

New program to help make responsible conduct of research more concrete

To contribute to the debate on how we define responsible conduct of research and to help identify which elements to include in a shared set of AU guidelines for responsible conduct of research, a new e-learning platform is now available for employees at Aarhus University. 

The e-learning program is available in five versions which cover all of the university's research areas. The program gives researchers an insight into current standards for responsible conduct of research in an increasingly complex and global research community. It is available to all of the university's employees, and can contribute to clarifying the debates on responsible conduct of research currently taking place at the university. The program provides new and interesting opportunities for working with these issues in an online learning environment.

In September, the senior management team sent a discussion paper out for consultation in the main academic areas (read Newsletter no. 30). The consultation discussions will provide input for the guidelines which the university wants to establish as a common foundation and set of ground rules for research at AU.

The Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education has also taken the initiative to draw up a national code of conduct to ensure the credibility and integrity of Danish research. This work is being done in cooperation with Universities Denmark.

Read more about the new online learning platform, how to get started with the program, and the process for establishing common guidelines for the responsible conduct of research at AU.

Higher education minister attends dialogue meeting at Health

Progress reform, health innovation, register-based research and much else was on the agenda when Minister for Science, Innovation and Higher Education Morten Østergaard visited Health early last week.

Professor MD Henrik Toft Sørensen participated in the meeting together with Dean Allan Flyvbjerg and the vice-deans of the four main academic areas.

Here, the minister was, among other things, made aware of some of the practical challenges associated with the desire to get students to complete their study programmes faster, while there was also an opportunity to discuss the establishment of the university clinics in Central Denmark Region.

Bibliometric progress for Danish universities

Aarhus University is making progress according to the bibliometric research indicator, last year achieving 7.2% more publication points than in 2011. This can be seen from the statistics published by the Danish Agency for Higher Education.

The Danish university sector has generally increased the number of points it has been awarded every year since the indicator was introduced in 2009, and the latest statement also shows progress for almost all eight universities. The average increase from 2011 to 2012 was thus 6.3%.

Aarhus University's share of all the points awarded to the sector as a whole remains stable at 25%.

The lists of publications which form the basis of the bibliometric research indicator are drawn up and revised every year by 350 researchers from 67 different academic fields. The indicator, which carries a weighting of 25% in connection with the distribution of basic funds, was assessed in 2012.


  • 12-13 November: Delegation from Utrecht University visits Aarhus University
  • 13 November: Senior management team meets with the Department of Business Communication
  • 14 November: Joint meeting of the Main Liaison Committee (HSU) and the Main Occupational Health and Safety Committee (HAMU)
  • 14 November: Knowledge Exchange Day at Aarhus University
  • 19-20 November: Seminar for academic councils at Sandbjerg Estate 
  • 11 December: Senior management team meets with the Department of Biomedicine
  • 18 December: University Board meeting

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