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special edition on redundancy packages

Voluntary redundancy packages


Aarhus University will be facing widespread budget cuts in the next few years. Unfortunately, this means that the number of employees at the university will have to be reduced. The senior management team has held discussions with the two vice-chairmen of the Main Liaison Committee and the joint union representative for staff members employed under a collective agreement with the Danish Confederation of Professional Associations for AU on how the number of involuntary redundancies can be limited by means of voluntary redundancy packages.

As a result, the senior management team has decided to offer employees with at least nine years of uninterrupted employment in the Danish state sector the opportunity to apply for a voluntary redundancy agreement by 4 February at the latest. If you are interested in applying for a redundancy package, we encourage you to consult your union representative or your immediate superior well in advance of the  4 February 2014 deadline.

Please note that the possibility of introducing senior schemes as a measure to reduce the number of involuntary dismissals as well as the applicable terms will be discussed in detail at the beginning of the new year.

Budget and forecast available in English

Please note that the budget for 2014 and forecasts for 2015-2017 are now available in English.


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