News from the senior management team no. 11/2014

Quality Commission off the mark

The senior management team welcomes the debate on the quality of education, yet notes that the Quality Commission is off the mark if the aim is to strengthen academic quality and international cooperation.

The commission proposes, among other things, that the current three-year Bachelor’s degree programme should be replaced by a four-year programme, and that the subsequent Master’s degree should be a one-year programme. The intention is that more BA and BSc graduates should join the labour market directly and that the number of Master's degree programmes should be reduced. Accordingly, the commission proposes a repeal of the legislation that guarantees graduates of Bachelor's programmes enrolment in a Master's degree programme in their subject.

Final figures for resignations and dismissals

The final tally of dismissals, resignations etc. has been calculated. In an interview, Rector Brian Bech Nielsen answers a number of questions about redundancies, the consequences of the spending cuts, the actual process and future prospects.

Job of university director advertised

A job ad for the position of university director at Aarhus University has just been posted.

The job ad includes the qualification profile which Aarhus University seeks for the position of university director, who will be responsible for the overall management of the university administration.

The university director is responsible for the continued development of AU Administration, such that it supports the university's academic activities in the best possible way. The university director is part of the senior management team.

The application deadline is 11 May 2014. 

Allan Flyvbjerg joins new independent council

Allan Flyvbjerg, Dean of the Faculty of Health and a member of the senior management team, has been appointed to a new independent council which will advise the Minister for Higher Education and Science, the Danish Parliament and other ministers on, among other things, Danish and international experience and trends within research and innovation: Denmark's Research and Innovation Policy Council (DFIR).

DFIR is replacing the Danish Council for Research Policy.

Minister for Higher Education and Science Sofie Carsten Nielsen has appointed the nine board members to DFIR, which was previously chaired by the rector of the University of Southern Denmark, Jens Oddershede. 

Registration now open for DHL Relay Race

Aarhus University will again be participating this year in the DHL Relay Races being held in Odense, Aarhus and Copenhagen.

Each team has five runners who each run 5 km, but it is also possible to register as a five-person team of walkers who complete the 5 km together at a slightly slower pace. 

The cutbacks mean that this year new running tops will not purchased for runners, who are instead encouraged to reuse tops from previous years as far as possible. 

The university will participate in the relay races being held on 14 August in Odense, on 21 August in Aarhus and on 28 August in Copenhagen.

The deadline for registering AU teams is Thursday 15 May at 24.00.



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