News from the senior management team

special edition

After a a time-consuming yet through and locally anchored process, Aarhus University’s senior management is now in a position to announce that the university expects to have to say goodbye to approximately 350 employees. About 190 employees will receive notice of planned dismissal, and it is expected that about 160 employees will be granted voluntary resignation. In addition, about 40 employees will take partial retirement under the senior staff scheme. Finally, the School of Business and Social Sciences and the Faculty of Arts will limit the number of part-time academic staff, which will reduce expenses by DKK 13.6 million and DKK 4.5 million respectively.

“That so many staff members have applied for voluntary resignation does mitigate the situation. But that doesn’t alter the fact that still have to dismiss a large number of employees. My sympathies go out to the individual employees affected by this, and this will be a difficult time, both for those who lose their job and workplace, and for those who remain behind,” says Rector Bech Nielsen.

Next week the employees to be dismissed will be given notice of planned dismissal by their immediate supervisors. The mandatory consultation period that begins immediately thereafter will continue until the final letters of dismissal are sent on 26 March.