News from the senior management team no. 37/2016

Campus 2.0: Lots of ideas collected for local development plan

Yesterday, AU’s mobile information centre – AUtocampus – ended its tour of the university and Aarhus city centre, concluding four weeks of collecting good ideas from the citizens of Aarhus and the university’s students and employees for the new Campus 2.0.  The tour has been part of the university’s efforts to gather ideas for a local development plan for the area and for its continued campus development work.  

During the autumn, the university has also received input via the Campus 2.0 website, and held two workshops with representatives from, among others, the business community and the cultural scene in Aarhus as well as politicians, representatives from the local area, the authorities and the university. As a result, five main focus areas have been defined which will be key to creating a modern, urban campus. It will, among other things, be a question of attracting attention to all the activities that take place on campus as well as establishing good conditions for the study environment and for cooperation with the business community and the cultural scene.

The material from the two workshops is now available on the Campus 2.0 website, and a summary of the other ideas collected via the website and the AUtocampus will follow in January.

All the material will be made available for the future work with the local development plan, which is expected to be prepared in 2017. It will also be part of the university’s work with Campus 2.0, and the work with ideas development will continue, of course, in 2017. Very soon, on 16 January, the university board is meeting for a special theme day to discuss the campus of the future.

The new campus area is expected to be ready for use in 2020.

See clips from the AUtocampus tour

New act on double degrees does more harm than good

On Monday 19 December, the Danish Parliament adopted the bill on the ‘education cap’ (uddannelsesloft), which bars students from doing another fully funded degree at the same or a lower level. Pro-rector Berit Eika believes that the new act will cause more problems than it solves. Interrupted degree programmes, delayed commencement of studies and students who feel tied down are some of the consequences that she and Sana Mahin Doost, vice-chair of the Student Council, have pinpointed in an article on which was published on 13 December.

A majority made up of the government, the Social Democratic Party and the Danish People’s Party are behind the bill. The Act enters into force on 1 January 2017.

ST dean: We will keep our strong activities in Roskilde

It has been decided that Science and Technology (ST) will remain in Roskilde, where the buildings and laboratories will be renovated. Read Dean Niels Christian Nielsen’s announcement about why ST is keeping its activities in Roskilde rather than moving them to Emdrup Campus as planned. 

Jens Peter Christensen to join university board

Supreme Court Judge and Professor Jens Peter Christensen, LLD, dr. jur., is the new external member of the university board.

AUH named Denmark’s best hospital

For the ninth year running, Aarhus University Hospital has been named the best hospital in Denmark by the Danish healthcare newspaper Dagens Medicin. The senior management team congratulates AUH on its impressive ranking.

The Rector’s Office wishes everybody a Merry Christmas

Rector Brian Bech Nielsen, Pro-rector Berit Eika and University Director Arnold Boon would like to thank everyone for a great year, and wish all employees a very Merry Christmas and a well-deserved Christmas holiday. Listen to the rector recalling the highlights from 2016, and stay tuned to hear the Rector’s Office breaking out in song. English subtitles available.



  • 5 January: City of Aarhus’s New Year briefing
  • 9 January: Academy for Talented Youth – diploma presentations
  • 16 January: Board meeting/Campus 2.0 ideas day
  • 21 January: Official opening of Aarhus 2017
  • 27 January: Innovation Fund Denmark to visit AU

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