News from the senior management team no. 4/2017

AU has clear guidelines for receiving gifts

In the DR TV news programme 21 Søndag which was broadcast on 29 January, Aarhus University was mentioned in connection with a case against a former employee. Aarhus University declined an invitation to participate in 21 Søndag, as the court has imposed a name and identification ban.

The case concerns the wrongful receipt of building materials from an external supplier. Aarhus University has considered the case according to the applicable rules. The university has not suffered any loss, and the process has not influenced the university’s choice of external supplier.

“It is an unfortunate matter for both parties, but we consider this a one-off case, and are still confident that all our employees follow the university’s current rules on the receipt of gifts from external parties,” says University Director Arnold Boon.

As public sector employees, employees of Aarhus University are not allowed to receive gifts or other benefits from external parties.

In April 2016, Aarhus University published updated guidelines on the receipt of gifts which apply to all AU employees.

If, as an employee, you are in doubt about what is allowed, you will find a brief overview here

AU keeps three paid days of holiday

The senior management team has decided not to withdraw the three paid days of holiday: Constitution Day, Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. 

The three days came up for discussion after a decision by the Supreme Court last week which upheld the Danish Ministry of Taxation’s right to withdraw these three days of paid holiday. 

The senior management team has confirmed that the three days of holiday are covered by Aarhus University’s HR administrative guidelines, and that there is no desire to amend them.  


New digitisation strategy for AU

Aarhus University has a new digitisation strategy which sets out an ambitious framework for the university’s work with digitisation within research, education and administration. The aim is to ensure the right digital solutions to support the university’s leading academic position.

The strategy builds on all the good digitisation projects which have already been launched, among other things within EDU IT. The next step is to flesh out the strategy in a so-called road map, where the first initiatives will be defined and prioritised during the spring. The senior management team’s ambition is for researchers, lecturers, students and administrative staff to involve themselves in the imminent work with digitisation.

The ongoing work with organisation and financing is anchored in LEA, as well as the committees for research and education, and regular follow-up will be ensured by the senior management team, which is also responsible for the overall prioritisation.

One in five of the medals awarded to Danes at the Olympic Games and world championships in 2016 were won by AU students

A new analysis from Aarhus University shows that two out of three Olympic Games and world championship medals in 2016 were won by elite athletes who were at the same time studying for a degree. In fact, Aarhus University students alone accounted for 22 per cent of all the medals.

The analysis has been conducted in cooperation with Team Danmark and the Sports Confederation of Denmark, and at Aarhus University everyone is delighted with the results. They confirm that, under the right conditions, it is certainly possible to study for a degree without necessarily compromising your sporting achievements, and that the university’s dual-career programme for elite athletes works as intended.

Million-kroner grants for researchers at the School of Culture and Society

Last week was a good one for the School of Culture and Society after a number of researchers received million-kroner grants from the Velux Foundation and the Carlsberg Foundation.

See who received the grants here:

Niels Damgaard Hansen to carry on as Administration Centre Manager at ST

From 1 February 2017, Niels Damgaard Hansen has been reappointed as Administration Centre Manager at ST.

He has held the post since 2008, and is being reappointed as his limited tenure has come to an end.

A normal recruitment process was carried out.


  • 20 February: Meeting of the regional Growth Forum
  • 24 February: Aarhus University Board meeting
  • 27 February: Inauguration of the new Aarhus University Hospital
  • 2 March: After-work meeting for the managements of 19 municipalities in Central Denmark Region
  • 3 March: Rector opens Festival of the Century 



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