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Archaeological science laboratory assistant 952690

The Department of Archaeology and Heritage Studies, School of Culture and Society, Aarhus University invites applications for a fixed-term archaeological science laboratory assistant position. The successful applicant will collaborate with associate professor Marcello A. Mannino to establish the archaeological science laboratory at ‘Moesgaard Campus’ and to run it for the duration of the contract. This is a part-time position (50% of full time) lasting 1½ years and starting on 1 April 2018 (or as soon as possible thereafter). Depending on performance and on the availability of financial resources, the position may be prolonged. 

Place of employment: Moesgård, Moesgård Alle, 8270 Højbjerg, Denmark.

The funding for this position has been provided by the Aarhus University Research Foundation (Aarhus Universitets Forskningsfond), through the project entitled “Danish and European Diets in Time (DEDiT)”. This project focuses on research aimed at reconstructing past human subsistence, diet and/or mobility by means of stable isotope analysis. The main logistical aim of the project is to initiate archaeometric research at the Department of Archaeology and Heritage Studies, where a pretreatment laboratory is being established. This facility will have strong connections with Moesgaard Museum and, in particular, with its Department of Archaeological Science and Conservation (

The ideal candidate will be a qualified laboratory technician and/or have a relevant degree for the position (preferably Master’s level at least), as well as experience of pretreating organic remains for isotope analysis. A good level of competence in database management and good knowledge of English are important prerequisites.  

The main tasks of the position are: (i) to establish the laboratory and its protocols in collaboration with Dr. Mannino; (ii) to maintain the laboratory and its equipment; (iii) to ensure that laboratory health and safety standards are adhered to; (iv) to manage and order laboratory consumables; (v) to provide technical support for sample pretreatment of archaeological finds (e.g. organic materials for isotope analyses of C, N, O, S), and assist research group members and students, who will pretreat samples; (vi) to manage the laboratory database; and (vii) to interact with laboratories where the isotope analysis will be performed (e.g. the Aarhus AMS Centre at the Department of Physics and Astronomy, Aarhus University;

Depending on the qualifications of the successful applicant and on their input in projects, they may be involved actively in the research and in its output in collaboration with group members.

The application must be uploaded in English.

For further information about the position, please contact associate professor Marcello A. Mannino (

For more information about the application, please contact HR supporter Marianne Birn (

School of Culture and Society
At the School of Culture and Society the object of research and teaching is the interplay between culture and society in time and space:

 - From the traditional disciplines of the humanities and theology to applied social research
  - From Antiquity to the issues facing contemporary societies
  - From familiar Danish cultural forms to other very different worlds
  - From local questions to global challenges

The school’s goal is to produce compelling research with an international resonance, as well as offering teaching and talent development of high quality. The school has a broad cooperative interface with society, both in Denmark and abroad, and contributes to social innovation, research communication and further and continuing education.

For a more detailed description of the School of Culture and Society, please see this website:

3 January 2018 Salary and terms of employment: In accordance with the current collective agreement between the Ministry of Finance and the relevant association. All interested candidates are encouraged to apply, regardless of their personal background.


All applications must be made online and received by:

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