Collaboration with researchers

Collaboration with researchers

When you want to collaborate with a researcher or a research group at Aarhus University on a specific project, you must first decide what kind of agreement best suits your needs: co-financed research or commissioned research.

Aarhus University is subject to certain statutory requirements and as a result, the terms and conditions of both types of collaboration are largely fixed.

The differences between the two types of collaboration primarily concern financing and publication.

Co-financed research

In the case of co-financed research, all parties involved contribute financially to the project. This means that co-financed research requires a smaller financial contribution from your company than commissioned research.

On the other hand, as a general rule, all parties involved share the rights to the joint project result with due consideration for their respective contributions, and Aarhus University will always be entitled to publish the project results.

Commissioned research

When performing commissioned research, Aarhus University provides research services on market terms (so-called income-generating activities). ommissioned research usually requires a larger financial contribution from your company than co-financed research, because the research services are offered on market terms.

In return, you have more influence on the performance of the research and more control over research results, as Aarhus University, subject to further agreement, may/will renounce its right to publish.

If you want to hire a researcher, it is possible to employ an industrial PhD or an industrial postdoc. In both cases, a researcher will carry out a research project in a collaboration between your company and Aarhus University.

Industrial Researchers

An industrial PhD is a three-year research project and PhD programme with an industrial focus which is conducted in a collaboration between an enterprise, an industrial PhD candidate and a university. The industrial PhD student is employed and paid by the enterprise for the duration of the project.

An industrial postdoc programme involves cooperation between private businesses and research institutions on concrete research and development projects. The industrial postdoc is employed and paid by the enterprise for the duration of the project.

You can also hire a researcher via InnoBooster, which invests in innovative development projects undertaken by small and medium-sized enterprises. Funding is given to projects with a duration of up to three years.