Clinical agreements

Aarhus University Hospital serves as a framework for research collaboration between the hospitals under Aarhus University Hospital and the Faculty of Health at Aarhus University.

The research performed by Aarhus University Hospital is based on the principle that basic research, clinical research and clinical development are closely linked.

The Department of Clinical Medicine at the Faculty of Health is responsible for coordinating all research activities conducted at the hospitals under Aarhus University Hospital.

The Faculty of Health at Aarhus University is also responsible for the quality of all research conducted at Aarhus University Hospital.

All contracts concerning research collaboration involving employees at Aarhus University Hospital must be approved by the Department of Clinical Medicine. AU Corporate Relations and Technology Transfer assists the Department of Clinical Medicine with legal advice.

AU Corporate Relations and Technology Transfer is thus responsible for administration in connection with research collaboration contracts, and for ensuring that contracts comply with the university hospitals’ guidelines.

The procedure for the conclusion of clinical agreements always starts with the project supervisor forwarding the agreement to the Department of Clinical Medicine.

The guidelines for clinical agreements are described in a set of joint guidelines adopted by the university hospitals in Denmark. These guidelines cover all agreements between private companies and Aarhus University Hospital.

The terms and conditions for public research institutions’ agreements with businesses, as stipulated in section 3 of the Act on Technology Transfer etc. at Public Research Institutions of 9 June 2004, are taken into account in these guidelines.

The guidelines can be downloaded in pdf format here (Danish version).