Preparing Application

Before you apply for admission as an exchange student at Aarhus University, you have to carefully prepare your application. In order to do so, you have to understand the structure of Aarhus University.



When choosing your courses it is important to respect the following rules:

  1. You choose one campus.
  2. You choose one faculty.
  3. You choose one or (maximum) two departments.
  4. You choose 30 ECTS points per semester as follows:
    • 30 ECTS points per semester at one department OR
    • 20 ECTS points per semester at one department and 10 ECTS points at another department (within the same faculty)
  5. If the course catalogue does not show courses for your semester, please select courses from a previous, but similar semester (eg. for Autumn 2018, search for courses offered in Autumn 2017)

Students admitted to Aarhus BSS must choose courses at one department only. Students admitted to Business/Economics/Communication will receive specific instructions upon admission. Information is also available on the relevant course webpage

Students admitted to the Department of Engineering (MSc) at Science and Technology must choose courses of minimum 20 ECTS within one Master Engineering degree programme.