Choosing campus, faculty and department

The application procedures vary slightly between the different programmes and academic areas so it is important that you understand where you will be applying to at Aarhus University. Once you understand this and have moved on to applying for admission, please make sure to select the instructions that relate to the programme and academic area you wish to apply to.


1 university, 3 campuses


With the University Park in the centre, Aarhus University branches throughout the city of Aarhus. Centrally located in the yellow buildings surrounding the park, the buildings here house most of the four main academic areas: Faculty of Arts, Aarhus BSS, Faculty of Science and Technology and Faculty of Health. A little further away are, for example, the buildings on Fuglsang Allé, Trøjborg and Katrinebjerg.

For more details on the various locations of Aarhus University around the city of Aarhus, please see the building map here.


The Department of Business Development and Technology (formerly AU Herning) is part of the School of Business and Social Sciences, and offers a variety of programs with a focus on engineering, economics, management and business communication and multimedia. As a student at AU Herning, you will be working across disciplinary boundaries, working closely with the business community and an entrepreneurial environment of the highest class. At the same time, innovation and structured creativity are part of all programmes at AU Herning.


The Department of Education under the Faculty of Arts is located on the outskirts of Copenhagen in Emdrup. Campus Emdrup is perhaps better known as Denmark's University of Education (DPU), as it was before the merger with Aarhus University. Rooted in the DPU traditions, Campus Emdrup offers a focused and integrated environment where research and education exist side by side.

Please note that there is a limited number of courses in English offered at the Department of Education.

1 university, 4 faculties