Leaving Denmark

There are several authorities you need to inform upon departure.

Here is a list to help you with the procedures you need to complete before leaving Denmark.


Before you leave please make sure that your coordinator knows where to send your Transcript of Records. You must provide your coordinator with the exact details of where to send the Transcript - either your home address or an address at your university.

Transcript of Records will be ready early/mid July for spring semester/late March for fall semester.

BSS and ST students
You or your home university will automatically receive a transcript of records in March for Fall semester/August for spring semester. 

Your transcript will automatically be sent to you AU-email in late June/early February. Upon request, the transcript can be forwarded to your home address. The transcript will not automatically be forwarded to you home coordinator unless requested.


If you leave Denmark (holidays excepted) you have to deregister from the Civil Registration System (CPR). This must be done online at www.lifeindenmark.dk if you have a NemID. 

If you do not have a NemID please write an email to folkeregister@aarhus.dk including your name, birthday (not the entire cpr number), address in Denmark, date of leaving Denmark and information about the country you move to.

You can deregister 4 weeks before departure. The limit of notification is 5 days after departure!


When you leave the country you are no longer covered by the Danish Social security.

Remember to destroy your health insurance card.


If you have had a job in Denmark and move abroad your taxability has to be determined. In this case you must inform the tax authorities.


If you have had a job in Denmark you must contact ATP in order to receive your holiday pay.


Report your departure and your new address using your NemID access at this link.

If you do not have a NemID you should fill out this form and sign it (the form in the link is a translated version of the official Danish version, which you are welcome to use if you do not understand the Danish version).
After printing and signing the form, you must scan the signed version of the form along with an example of your picture identification (e.g. your passport or drivers licence) and send both to this email: flyt@post.dk

Letters are sent to your new address for 6 months. Newspapers, magazines and parcels are not sent abroad.


Inform your insurance company and your bank.