Year after year, Aarhus University welcomes an increasingly large and diverse group of international students and researchers into its community. The University believes in the growing importance of students and researchers having an international dimension in their education or work and is a strong supporter of international mobility. With connections in all corners of the world, Aarhus University offers a warm welcome to its guests from abroad.

Bachelor's degree students

Guide for current and prospective Bachelor's students

Master's degree students

Guide for current and prospective Master's students

Exchange students

Students participating in a formal exchange programme between their home university and Aarhus University. (i.e. Socrates/Erasmus, Nordplus, Bilateral agreements and Danish Government Scholarships).

Free movers

Students applying on an individual basis for a semester or a year.

Transfer students

Students studying at a foreign university who would like to complete their Bachelor’s or Master’s programme at Aarhus University.

PhD students

Programmes and scholarships