Housing FAQ

Should I apply for housing via AU Housing or Student Housing Aarhus?

AU Housing disposes of a limited number of rooms for international students where you can live for a maximum of 12 months. The rooms are furnished, and AU Housing provides a number of services that make life easier for international students arriving directly from abroad. You can not choose a specific location of your accommodation and you will receive one housing offer only.

Student Housing Aarhus disposes of a large number of rooms which can be applied for by Danish and international students on the same conditions. There is no special service for international students. Rooms are not furnished. You can live in the rooms for as long as you are a student (there is a student activity control twice a year.) You can choose specific dorms that you like (but check the waiting lists before you choose, because the dorms in the city center and other popular dorms have 2-4 years waiting time.) You can decline a housing offer twice.

Tuition paying students can apply for housing both via AU Housing and via Student Housing Aarhus - at the same time. When/if you receive a housing offer, you can always decline it, if you don't need it.

I am allocated a room far out of town. Can I move closer to the University?

Most students are allocated rooms outside the campus area and the city center. If you must live in the city centre, you will have to look for a room at the private market. From most rooms allocated through the AU Housing Service it is possible to reach the AU within 30 minutes, either by bike or by bus. You have the option of signing up to our accommodation waiting list if you wish to change your accommodation. If any vacancies become available, they will be distributed to the students on the waiting list. However, the number of students wanting to move closer to campus by far exceeds the number of available rooms, so your best chance is to find a room yourself at the private market.

My contract starts 1.7., but I don’t arrive until 1.8. Do I need to pay rent for July?