Living in Copenhagen - Practical Information

It is not always easy to move to a new city that one does not know. In order to get settled it is important to know the essentials, such as how to get around or who to contact in case of emergencies.


To find out how you get around in Copenhagen you can use:

Using these two sites you can find out the proximity between two addresses, which transportation you can use and how long it will take.

Furthermore, you might find the following website helpful:


Phone no.: 1-1-2

You call

  • if you are involved in an accident or if you witness one
  • in case of a fire

Emergency Medical Services - Emergency room - call 1813

If you are injured you can go to the emergency room to get checked out, but you have to call in advance and let them know that you are coming. Read more here.

Need to see a doctor or dentist outside his office hours?

Call 1813.

Police station

Police of Copenhagen

Phone no. tlf. 114