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In this portal we have gathered a variety of housing resources that are available to help you finding a place to live in Aarhus. Whilst some of these options are exclusively for new PhD students arriving from abroad, other options can be useful for PhD students currently residing in Aarhus. 

Below you can find information about temporary accommodation via AU Housing, permanent accommodation via Student Housing Aarhus, as well as short- and long-term term accommodation via hostels, B&B's, private rental companies, social housing associations and private persons.

Accommodation via Student Housing Aarhus

What is student housing Aarhus?

Student Housing Aarhus provides a service for students by distributing most of the halls of residence in Aarhus. Student housing Aarhus is a collaboration between different housing distributors in Aarhus, so students only need to apply for housing one place. Many students in Aarhus choose to live at one of the many halls of residence in the Aarhus area.

If you are a PhD student you are normally not eligible for a room in a student residence. You should therefore be aware that they do not accept any applications from PhD students directly via their website.

However, if your income is very low you can apply for a dispensation. In that case please send a copy of your employment contract and documentation of your income to and we will inform you whether or not you are eligible for student housing.