Accommodation for couples

Accommodation for couples/families

Erasmus Mundus students arriving with their partner and/or children have different housing options.

  • You can apply for a two-person apartment via AU Housing. AU Housing disposes of a very few of these apartments and you can find them here (TYPE 6). When you fill in your housing application, you need to write that you apply for housing for a couple/family. Be aware that the apartments are very small (30-45 m2) and not suitable for families with older children. As the demand exceeds the number of available apartments, you should at the same time start looking for other options as well, see below. Deadline for application: 1 May.
  • If both you and your partner are admitted as new students at AU, you can (both of you need to send an application) apply for type 4.
  • You can apply for housing to sublet for two/more persons via AU Housing. 
  • You can apply for housing at More information here.
  • You can look for options at the private market.