About housing offered via AU Housing

Students will be offered a room at the Emdrupborg Kollegium or offered a room to sublet from a private landlord.

Emdrupborg Kollegiet

In order to accept a housing offer at the Emdrupborg Kollegium, you need to pay the first months' rent with a credit card. If you don't have a credit card or if you are not able to borrow one, it is not possible for you to book a room at the Emdrupborg Kollegium.

The rooms will be furnished with basic furniture: bed, table, study chair, lamp and basic kitchen utensils. Duvets, pillows and bed linen are not provided. Other furniture, equipment and appliances will not be provided.


You might be offered a room to sublet with a private landlord. Rent and deposit have to be paid directly to the landlord. Rooms are normally furnished, and often you will also be offered duvet and pillow - although this is entirely up to the individual landlord.

Location and price

We will try to help you finding accommodation in proximity to campus, but you should expect a maximum of 45 minutes of travel time to campus - we will focus on the use of public transportation being as easy as possible.

It is very difficult to find accommodation in Copenhagen at a low price and the typical price range is between 4.000-6.000 DKK per month.