Skelager Kollegiet


Skejbygårdsvej 1-11
8240 Risskov

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Fact sheet

Room surface

At this dorm we have both rooms with private bathroom/shared kitchen and studios, see your housing offer email for details. Room approx. 12 m 2


Shared with one person or private.


Shared with 1-4 persons or private.

Shared facilities

Laundry room, TV room

Rent / deposit

DKK 2946-3380 / DKK 8515

Internet connection

Included in the rent

Phone connection


Furniture Bed (90x200 cm), table, chair, book case, lamp. Basic kitchenware. No duvet or pillow.
Moving out You need to move out 7 weekdays before the contract ends

Distance to university

4 km

Built in


Total capacity

129 rooms/apartments

Available to exchange students

6 rooms/studios

More information Detailed residence information

There is lots of green space in this area. There is also a large student population so it will not be hard to meet other students who live in the same area. 

Skejby Centret is a 5 minute walk away where there is a dentist, hairdresser, Føtex, doctor, bank, pharmacy and more. You will be able to get almost all the services you need in this area. Ikea and Silvan (for home renovations) are also within walking distance.

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