Information for mentors

Mentor’s guide – your mentee’s arrival and housing 

Many, but not all, exchange, mundus and other groups of international students apply for housing through the AU Housing service. AU has access to more than 800 rooms at many different dorm locations and with different housing organisations and also with private landlords. Your tasks as a mentor regarding arrival and housing are described below.

Contact your mentee and ask whether he/she needs your help in relation to arrival and/or housing.

  • Ask your mentee about arrival date and time and when his/her housing contract starts (the arrival date and contract start date may not be the same.)
  • Ask your mentee whether he/she has received housing through the AU Housing service or has found a place to live on his/her own.

If your mentee has found accommodation on his/her own:

  • Ask your mentee if you have to collect the key with the landlord.

If your mentee has found accommodation through the AU Housing service:

  • If your mentee arrives outside the IC opening hours, you can collect the key on behalf of your mentee. The key can be collected in the housing reception at the International Centre, Hoegh Guldbergs  Gade 4A, 8000 Aarhus C. Please find the opening hours here. It is important that you collect the key as close as possible to your mentees’ arrival date, as your mentee otherwise risk losing his/her possibility of a moving in inspection.
  • It is not possible to collect a key before your mentee’s contract start date. If the contract starts in a weekend (i.e. if 1.2. is a Sunday) the key can be collected Monday. NO EXEMPTIONS to this rule and for whatever good reason it is not possible to collect a key before the contract starts. If your mentee arrives before his/her contract starts, information about hostels etc. can be found here. It is your mentee’s own job to find temporary accommodation.
  • When you collect a key at the International Centre, you will also receive a white information folder with the contract and other important papers. Furthermore, in the folder you find the link to the online Residence folder.  Please tell your mentee that the answers to almost all questions about the lease can be found in the online residence folder. Spend eventually some time with your mentee running though the topics in the online residence folder.
  • If possible, take your mentee to his/her new home. At the place, it is a good idea to help your mentee understanding eventual house rules (at many places there are special rules regarding how to behave in the kitchen, cleaning etc.) Also, you could help your mentee in finding the laundry room, TV room, and where to park the bike etc.

Find more information about the AU mentor/buddy programme here.