Guest apartments in the Nobelpark residence

Nobelparken, Jens Chr. Skous Vej 20, 22 & 24

Aarhus University’s three guest houses with 30 apartments are situated in the Nobel Park next to Aarhus University. The apartments can only be rented by foreign guest professors and -researchers visiting Aarhus University for limited time periods of minimum 2 months and maximum 12 months. However, only if there are vacancies also postdocs will be considered on a waiting-list-basis. The apartments are fully furnished with Danish design furniture and are equipped with linen, kitchen utensils, television, and wireless internet linked to the network of the university. The price includes heating, water, electricity, media license, internet access, and cable TV.

The apartments are NOT hotel rooms and the guests are expected to take good care of the apartments during their stay, just as they, when moving out, are expected to leave the apartments as they received them.

The following types of apartments are available:

12 studios with private kitchen and bathroom (44 m2)      Price:        5.100 DKK

2 two-room apartments (59 m2)                                                 Price:        6.100 DKK

2 two-room apartment (69 m2)                                                   Price:        7.100 DKK

4 two-room apartments (78 m2)                                                 Price:        7.800 DKK

8 three-room apartments (83 m2)                                              Price:        8.500 DKK

2 four-room apartments (121 m2)                                               Price:       12.700 DKK

Rent increase every year 1.7.

Applications for these flats must be made by the faculty/institute at which the coming guest will be working and cannot be done by the guest him/herself. The application must be accepted and recommended by the Dean of the faculty in question.

All applications must be made to FORSKNINGSFONDENS EJENDOMSSELSKAB a/s by contacting:
Helle Andersen:  +45 871 53363,