Housing options via AU Housing

AU Housing disposes of a limited number of  single rooms (one person only) in dormitory style buildings available to arriving international postdocs. The rooms are all furnished, have shared kitchen facilities and are available either with or without private bathrooms. The rooms are available for temporary accommodation only, and are meant for you to be able to settle down and familiarize yourself with Aarhus while looking for a more permanent accommodation solution. Find details about the Teknolog Kollegium and the Vennelyst Kollegium.

It is always possible to shorten a lease at these dorms with due notice (one month to the 1st) but it is not possible to extend a lease. Consider this when you fill in your application form.

AU Housing doesn't dispose of studios, apartments or other types of housing. Therefore, if you are looking for a studio (private kitchen/bathroom) or an apartment with more rooms, we recommend that you look for accommodation to sublet via AU Staff Housing Portal or explore the other options described here.

Due to the high demand for accommodation especially in the months August, September and October, we recommend you to send your application in good time (as soon as you can) in order to improve your chances of receiving a housing offer. When you fill in your application form, you are welcome to indicate what kind of accommodation you would prefer, but, due to the limited number of rooms available, we cannot guarantee to offer you a specific room.

Please be aware that we receive many housing applications and often have very few vacant rooms. It means that you might receive a housing offer starting before or after the date you have applied for or no housing offer at all. In the case that you need short term accommodation please find some options here. Due to limited ressources we are able to send one housing offer per applicant only. Before declining a housing offer you should therefore be prepared to start the house hunting proces yourself. Please find some suggestions here.

Important information about accommodation at a dormitory

  • Minimum stay is one month. It is not possible to pay per night and the minimum price is therefore one months’ rent. Do you need accommodation for less than one month, please book a room at a guesthouse, hostel or hotel.
  • Leases start on the 1st of the month and end on the last day of the month.
  • You can move in after 3pm on the 1st, unless the 1st is a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday. In that case you can move in on the following Monday.
  • You are responsible for the cleaning of your room and common areas (kitchen).
  • You must respect the house rules and participate in the public duties listed there.
  • The dormitory doesn’t have permanent staff and eventual problems or questions can be answered at the housing reception on weekdays 10am-2pm or at housing@au.dk. There is no staff present outside these hours.

 Do you have questions please contact housing@au.dk