Practical information

Practical information about housing via AU Housing

Aarhus University does not own any student accommodation. In order to be able to offer accommodation to international students, AU has reserved rooms with a number of different dorms, housing organisations and private landlords in Aarhus. International students offered housing via AU Housing must sign a leasing contract between you and the housing organisation/private landlord and it is your responsibility to acquaint yourself with the rules applying to your particular housing organisation or landlord. Translated material is not available from all housing organisations; if you need help with translation or clarification, you are always welcome to contact AU Housing. You should be aware that not all housing organisations/landlords have the same rules, so what applies for your study mate might NOT apply for you and therefore it is YOUR RESPONIBILITY to read and understand the rules applying to your lease.

AU STRONGLY RECOMMENDS that you at least acquaint yourself with the rules regarding inspection (both moving in and moving out) of your room, which damages/breakages will result in deductions from your deposit, and house rules related to cleaning, visitors and noise. Any violations of these rules can cost you money, and Aarhus University will NOT cover any costs related to your violation of any rules determined by your housing organisation/landlord.


When we have allocated you a room, we will send you an email. You will be asked to visit the online student self service system where you will find information about your address, rent and deposit. You must confirm that you accept the accommodation in the student self service system and at the same time pay the first months' rent by credit card. When we have received your confirmation, we will finalise your leasing contract and make sure that your key is ready to be picked up when you arrive in Aarhus. We can only make you one offer of accommodation: should you not accept this offer, we advise that you start looking for accommodation in Aarhus on your own.

You can find some suggestions for finding your own accommodation in Aarhus here.


Arrival Aarhus
If you have reserved housing in Aarhus via AU Housing, you can pick up your key at the housing reception at the International Centre, Dale T. Mortensen Building, Høegh Guldbergs Gade 4, 8000 Aarhus C. Please find information about the opening hours here.

You can collect your key any weekday after the start of your lease. It means, that you don't have to arrive on the day your contract starts. If you arrive outside opening hours, your mentor might be able to collect your key before you arrive and meet you when you arrive.

Arrival Herning
If you have reserved housing in Herning, you can pick up your key at the reception at the AU Birk Campus. Read more here.

When does your contract start?
It is not possible to collect your key before your contract starts. If you arrive before your contract starts you can find information about temporary short term accommodation options. If your contract starts on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, you can't collect your key before the first coming Monday. If your contract starts January 1st, 2017, be aware that January 1st, 2017 is a public holiday, and you can't pick up your key before January 2nd, 2017. If your contract starts Sunday 15 January 2017, you can pick up your key Monday 16 January 2017, or any weekday hereafter.


If you have to cancel your accommodation in Aarhus after you have confirmed your accommodation by paying the first months' rent, you must contact immediately.

If you cancel your reservation within 14 days after your payment, you will receive the paid rent back.

If you cancel your accommodation more than 6 weeks before your leasing contract starts, you will receive the paid rent back. 

If there is less than 6 weeks to the start of your leasing contract, you will have to observe the normal notice deadlines (1-3 months' notice) at your lease and pay your rent in the notice period.

Please note that this cancellation policy will apply regardless of the reason for your cancellation (such as visa problems, illness, personal or family problems, delays, missing exams or any other situations outside of your control.)


It is not possible to postpone a leasing contract. If your arrival in Aarhus is delayed for any reason, you need to decide whether you want to cancel your leasing contract or continue to pay the rent from the start of the leasing period. If you decide to cancel your lease, please read the cancellation policy above.

Accommodation policies

As a rule, AU Housing provides only one housing offer per student. This means that AU Housing cannot relocate you to another residence if you are not satisfied with your current accommodation.

Should such a situation occur, you are responsible to make your own arrangements. However, you can sign up at the waiting list at the housing reception. Should a room become available during the semester, we will offer the room to the students at the waiting list.

Please note that exchange students cannot apply for alternative housing through (Kollegiekontoret) as they only allow a limited number of exchange students in their residence halls. Their quota has already been filled by AU Housing and other higher educational institutions in Aarhus. Other types of students (non-exchange) CAN apply for housing via 

Even though there might be vacant residences due to students leaving Aarhus early, these rooms may not be distributed by the university and therefore cannot be given to other exchange students.

Payment - rent and deposit

Residences and shared facilities houses

You need to have a credit card (or be able to borrow one) in order to make your reservation. You pay your first month's rent when you accept your housing offer. If your lease starts on the 15th the first month's rent will be a half month's rent only. After arrival you will also have to pay your rent by credit card online every month. You will also need to pay a deposit of one to three months' rent. You should pay it along with your second month’s rent. More information here.

Subletted rooms

You must pay the first month’s rent and the deposit to your landlord immediately after receiving your leasing contract, before your arrival in Aarhus 

Moving in

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - What to do when moving in?

1. Collect your key. Find the opening hours here.
2. Read your residence folder carefully.
3. Fill in your moving in checklist immediately after moving in. 
4. Sign your contract and send it/hand it in to the AU Housing Office no later than 7 days after moving in.    

What to bring?

All rooms offered via AU Housing have basic furniture: bed, table, chair, and lamp. You need to bring a duvet, pillow, bed linen (your bed is 90 cm x 200 cm) and towels. These items can also be bought cheaply in supermarkets in Denmark. Your room will have no decoration, so you might want to consider bringing some things to make your room nice (just make sure to take them with you again once you leave, or you will get charged with a garbage fee). Your kitchen will have basic kitchen utensils only (fork, knife, spoon, plate, glass, cup, pot and pan) so if you need a coffee machine, rice cooker, microwave, boiler or the like, you need to bring it.

How to shorten your contract

If you for any reason want to shorten your contract, you can send in a notice form. In your contract you can find your notice deadlines. At most leases you have either 6 weeks' notice to the 1st/15th OR 1 months' notice to the 1st.

Example 1 - one months' notice

Your contract ends 31.1., but you want to move out already 31.12. You check your contract and find out that you have one months' notice to the 1st. Therefore you need to send your notice form to before 1.12.

Example 2 - 6 weeks' notice

Your contract ends 31.1., but you want to move out already 31.12. You check your contract and find out that you have 6 weeks' notice to the 1st and 15th. Therefore you need to send your notice form to before 15.11.  

Moving out

Moving out procedures, inspection, deposit and much more. Check it out here.


It is your responsibility to insure yourself and your belongings while you are staying in Denmark as Aarhus University does not cover any losses that may occur. We highly recommend that you take out the following insurance policies either before or immediately after arriving in Denmark.

  • Third-party insurance/liability insurance (ansvarsforsikring): this insurance is a must! The insurance covers any losses you might have if you have to pay compensation to another person.
  • Accident insurance (ulykkesforsikring): this insurance covers the financial consequences of an accident.
  • Home insurance (indboforsikring): insurance of your personal belongings, relocation in case of fire or water damage in your home, et cetera. Be aware that housing provided via AU Housing doesn't include insurances and you must yourself take out the necessary insurances.

If you decide to buy insurance in Denmark, the University recommends that you contact different insurance companies to find the one that best suits your needs. The large insurance companies such as TRYG, Alm. Brand Forsikring and Top Danmark have homepages in English. 

Living in Aarhus

Aarhus is a lively city with much to offer. Read more here.