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Nørre Alle Kollegiet

Nørre Allé 53
8000 Århus C

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Please take time to carefully read this information about your accommodation. By signing the contract you confirm that you have read and understood all the information.

Terms and conditions
Notice of Termination
Moving in
Rent and deposit
Moving out
Information regarding telephone, internet access and TV
Furniture and kitchen equipment
Practical information and social events
Contact information

Terms and Conditions

Rent, deposit and cancellation policy

1. I accept to pay the first months’ rent and eventual service agreement fee by credit card via online system when I accept my housing offer.

2. I accept that I will pay a deposit of one to three months’ rent. More information here.

3. I accept that I will pay my rent every month on or before the last weekday before the turn of the month by credit card only via online system. In case I don’t pay the rent on time, I accept that a fee will apply and that I will pay any costs in connection with the termination of my lease (legal fee, court costs etc.). More information here.

4. I accept that I will pay the service agreement expenses (covering costs such as utilities, internet, furniture and laundry) every month along with my rent.

5. I will accept to pay the credit card fees involved in making the monthly rent payment and deposit. More information here.

6. I accept the following cancellation policy:

  • I can cancel my lease without any costs up to 14 days after I have accepted my housing offer and paid the first months’ rent.
  • I can, at any time, terminate my lease within my notice period. Find out which termination notice applies to your lease here.

7. The only way to cancel my lease is to send the notice of termination form to Please, find the form here.

8. I accept that I will pay my rent during the cancellation period.

9. I accept that AU is not responsible for my eventual delay due to visa, health or any other problems and that I will pay my rent until I cancel my lease even though I haven’t collected my key.

Moving in and out

1. I accept that I can move into my room on the first working day after my lease starts. If my lease starts on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday, I can’t move in until the following Monday.

2. I accept that different moving out dates applies to different accommodations depending on my leasing contract. The moving out dates is:

  • The last working day of the month that the lease ends OR
  • 7 working days before the end of the lease (renovation period)

3. I agree that I have read and understood the information about which of the above mentioned moving out dates applies to my lease. Please, find the moving out dates here.

4. I accept to pay rent in the renovation period.

5. I agree that I will leave my lease in the same condition as found apart from normal wear and tear.

6. I agree to pay for neglect of my home, damaged and missing inventory, and insufficient cleaning of my room and adjoining common areas.

7. I agree that I will return the same number of keys and laundry card to the caretaker or to the IC as described in my residence folder. In case I don’t deliver my keys, I will pay for the change of the lock.


1. I am obliged to observe the house rules.

2. I am obliged to pay attention to neighbors and take part in weekly cleaning of common areas (if any) and half-yearly general cleaning of common areas.

3. I am fully responsible for the room/apartment that I rent. I will pay repair costs for damages caused by me or any person visiting me.

4. I am aware that AU doesn’t provide any insurance and it is my own responsibility to acquire a suitable insurance to cover any loss of my belongings.

5. I accept that my lease is a single occupancy (unless otherwise is explicitly informed about in my housing offer) and that it is only permissible for the contract holder to live there.

6. I accept that I am not allowed to sublet my lease.

7. I accept that no pets are allowed.

8. I accept that smoking is not allowed neither in my room/apartment, nor at any common areas.

9. I accept that I am not allowed to paint, alter or make any permanent alterations in my room/apartment.

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 - In the info-folder you will find two copies of your contract. You are requested to sign both of them, and turn one of them over to the International Centre no later than seven days after you have received your keys. The other copy is yours to keep.

You need to vacate your room no later than 9 o’clock seven weekdays before your lease ends (Saturday and Sunday not included), as stated in your contract (i.e. if the contract ends on the 30 of June 2008, you need to vacate the room no later than the 19th at 9 o’clock.).

If you wish to prolong your accommodation, please do so ASAP.

Click here to download an English translation of your contract. This copy is for translation purposes only.

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Notice of Termination

Do you want to shorten your contract you must submit the ‘Notice of termination’ form to the IC. Be aware of the notice deadlines in your contract or click here

ONLY termination notice forms received TIMELY will be treated.

Do you want to extend your lease, you must contact before you submit the ‘Notice of termination’ form.

Download the ”Notice of Termination”-form.

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Moving In

- Please contact the janitor for arranging an inspection of your room.

- Upon moving in, please make sure to inspect the room thoroughly. If you find any damages on the room itself, please let the janitor know during the inspection. In case of damages on the room itself, furniture or kitchen equipment, you will also have to fill out the enclosed “Inspection Report”, and hand it over to the janitor. Make sure that you do NOT fill out the English translation of the inspection report, but the PINK Danish edition. It must be handed over no later than 14 days after your lease began.

- Cost of repairing damages not reported upon moving in, or conducted during your stay,will be deducted from your deposit upon moving out.

- If you find your room insufficiently cleaned when you move in, please contact the janitor as soon as possible.

- Please note that in Denmark you will not receive mail until you have put your name on the mail box: Therefore we kindly ask you to do so as soon as possible after your arrival.

- If you find mail at your accommodation addressed to a former tenant, please make sure that his/her name has been removed from the mailbox. This should solve the problem. Please write on the envelope “Adressaten ubekendt” (meaning unknown recipient), and put it in one of the public red mailboxes or deliver it to a post office.

- If you do not want to receive advertising matters and/or free newspapers you will have to sign a cancellation form and get a sticker to put on your door/ mailbox at the post office. Remember to bring ID.

Please click here to see cleaning guidelines and learn more about Danish cleaning products. 

For your information - see price example for cleaning services in Denmark here.

Moving In inspection

If you find defects missing on the list, please notify the caretaker (varmemesteren) in writing.

No later than 14 days after you move in

Download form

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Rent and deposit

Rent payment

You must pay your first month's rent when you accept your housing offer. If your lease starts on the 15th, you will only be charged a half month’s rent for your first month.

After arrival you will have to pay your rent by credit card every month. This can only be done by credit card via our online self-service system. At the end of each month you will receive an e-mail with information about rent payment for the next month. Click here to see more information. 

Deposit payment

See more information here. 

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Moving Out

- Upon moving out, please arrange for an inspection by the janitor at the latest two weeks prior to your departure. It is advisable to be present during the inspection, as you will be able to correct insufficient cleaning etc. Insufficient cleaning and damages to the room will be deducted from your deposit. If you live in a shared appartment, please, see here.

- Pleace be aware that you need to vacate your room no later than 7 working days before your lease ends at 9 o’clock in the morning (Saturday and Sunday not included), as stated in your contract (i.e. if the contract ends on the 30 of June 2015, you need to vacate the room no later than the 22 of June at 9 o’clock).

- You are required to leave your room 7 working days before your lease ends. This rule allows the residence employees to carry out repair jobs in your room before the next tenant moves in. The rule is in accordance with the Danish rental laws and the AU housing office is not able to change this law even though it is inconvenient for most tenants. We recommend that you carefully consider when to be out of your home before you change the dates in your contract or buy your return ticket.

- Keys and residence folder is to be returned to the janitor upon moving out. If the info-folder is not returned (in its original shape) DKK 200 will be deducted from your deposit.

- The deposit will be reimbursed (after withdrawal of eventual costs) after the final inspection when you have left your lease. The deposit will be reimbursed to the same credit card you used when making the deposit payment. Reimbursement in cash is not possible.The processing time for reimbursement of deposit can be up to 3 months. NOTE! If you moved in before 1 March 2015 and paid the deposit via bank transfer, you must fill in the online reimbursement form in order to get your deposit back. Please, find the form here:

Click here to open the reimbursement form

- Before you leave Denmark, you have to contact the National Registry Office (Folkeregistret) to notify them about your address in your home country. Please click here to see more information.

- Make sure to inform the Danish Postal Service of your new address. A change of address form can be obtained at the nearest Post Office. You will also have to notify your Danish bank and remove your name tag from the mailbox.

Click here to read what you have to do before the inspection of your accommodation.

Please click here to see cleaning guidelines and learn more about Danish cleaning products.

For your information - see price example for cleaning services in Denmark here.


Save money – clean properly.

If you fail to do the cleaning well, a cleaning company will be hired to do it for you. The expenses will be deducted from your deposit.

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Information regarding telephone, internet access and TV

- At your accommodation a 2/1 Mbit/s internet connection and telephone subscription are included in the rent.

Telephone system
Shortly after moving in you will receive a letter from Bolignet-Aarhus (the name of the company that administrates the network) with a username and password for your telephone and network connection.
All local calls (including numbers at other dormitories that are provided by Bolignet-Aarhus, the answering machine, calls to toll-free numbers, and the emergency number) are free of charge.

ou need a computer with a fast ethernet card (“netkort” in Danish). The card should be able to run either 10 or 100 Mbit/sec and have a RJ45 plug (square plug).
You also need a network cable to link your computer with the plug in the wall. It should be a normal cable and not a “cross-over” cable.
After inserting the fast ethernet card in your computer and plugging it in the plug in the wall, you are on the internet. You will now be on the internet every time you turn on your computer. The set-up should be installed automatically through the network.
If you are having problems with the set-up you can contact Bolignet-Aarhus (see ‘Contact Information’).

When you receive the letter from Bolignet-Aarhus you are registered on their email server. Your email address is stated in the letter. You have access to maximum 10 Mbytes on the mail server.

Mail server information:

  • In-going (POP3) server:
  • Out-going (SMTP) server:

The day you leave the dormitory your email account will be closed.

For further information please contact Bolignet-Aarhus. 

Click here to read about the Danish Media Licence fee.

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Furniture and Kitchen equipment

 - The furniture and kitchen equipment are expected to be left in the same condition and number as when you took over the tenancy, except for the normal wear and tear. If any of the basic furniture is broken, please contact the Housing Office at the International Centre, and the furniture will be repaired or replaced. Cost of missing or broken furniture will be deducted from your deposit. In the case of misuse, you must replace the equipment yourself before you leave the accommodation.

- Click here to see a guide on how to use bed linen.

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Practical information and social events

 - If you have a mobile number, or get such during your stay, it is important that you contact the International Centre and inform us of your number. The same goes if you change your e-mail address.

 - Aarhus is a great city for biking, not only does a bike offer you the possibility to see the countryside, it is also a tool for getting you into shape. We recommend that you either buy a bicycle on the Police Auctions held the first Wednesday every month. Otherwise, it is also possible to rent a bike during your stay.

 - Public transportation is generally quite good in Denmark, and if you wish to take advantage of this, it would be recommendable to invest in a monthly subscription for the bus, which is much cheaper than buying tickets on a day-to-day basis.

 - If you do not find the furnishing of your room sufficient, you can buy cheap furniture in IKEA, or in one of the many second hand shops in the city. The same goes for kitchen equipment.

 - The student community Studenterhus Aarhus arranges parties, trips and other cultural events for exchange, and Danish students at the Institutions of Higher Education in Aarhus.

Acute illness

General Practitioner (GP)
To visit a GP you need your health insurance card. If you need to see a GP before you have received your health insurance card, you can contact the IC (week days 9am-4pm) on tel. (+45) 8715 0220. You also have the possibility to contact any GP before getting your health insurance card. GPs are open on weekdays from 0800 – 1600 hrs.

Download a list with contact information of some GPs in the Århus area – you can find many more listed in the phone book or at

Doctor on emergency duty (Lægevagten) – tel. 70 11 31 31
The doctor on emergency duty is available when GPs are closed: weekdays between 4 pm and 8 am, 24 hrs on weekends and public holidays. The doctor helps people who suddenly become ill or if a disease gets worse. In special cases the doctor may choose to visit the patient at home or call an ambulance. You must make an appointment with the emergency doctor before you go there. So please remember to call before you go. If the doctor on emergency duty advice you to go to see him, you will find the doctor here:

Århus University Hospital, Building 7
Nørrebrogade 44,
8000 Århus C,

You have to transport yourself to and from the ’Lægevagt’.

Emergency 1-1-2 (ambulance)
Call 1-1-2 in case of accidents and life threatening situations.

Psychiatric emergency room – tel. 77 89 23 41
24 hours psychiatric emergency room.

Psychiatric Hospital in Aarhus,
Skovagervej 2,
8240 Risskov

Dentist on emergency duty (Tandlægevagten) – tel. 4051 5162
If you have problems with your teeth within normal working hours, contact a dentist. You can find contact information in any phone book. If you have acute problems with your teeth outside normal working hours you can contact the dentist on emergency duty which is open Friday 18.00-19.00, Saturday, Sunday and public holidays 11.00-11.00 and 12.00-12.30.

Tandklinikken på Brobjergskolen,
Frederiks Allé 20,
8000 Århus C

Introduction for exchange students from the Central Housing Agency (Kollegiekontoret)

Welcome to you new home! We hope that you will be comfortable and have a pleasant stay at your new residence.

This note is meant to be an informative guide to living in a hall of residence in Århus.

The residences are home to various students and apprentices who are all pursuing some form of education in Århus. In order for everyone to get along and get the most of their education it is necessary to have certain rules. Consequently, a set of rules have been established with which all students must comply. These include rules regarding loud music, parties, etc.

It is important that all residents familiarize themselves with the rules and respect them!

Several of the residences have a shared kitchen. The residents are responsible for cleaning the kitchen and therefore take turns to clean the kitchen via a rotation. It is important that you are aware that you also have to take part in this rotation. Therefore it is your responsibility to check the schedule to know when you must clean the kitchen, and to do so, when it is your turn. Insufficient cleaning of the common kitchen may be costly for you and your fellow residents, because it may result in the hiring of a professional cleaning company. Should this be necessary, you and your fellow residents will be charged and have to pay the expenses.

The same rules apply to rooms with a common bathroom and toilet. Consequently you must also take part in the cleaning of the common bathroom/toilet if there is one.

In some student halls the residents have an agreement to share items such as: newspapers, spices, beer, soda etc. Check if this is the case for your residence and inform your fellow residents if you would like to take part in the agreement. If you do not wish to take part in the agreement you must respect the property of your fellow residents and not use any of the shared items!

On arrival all tenants receive a guide for residents (“beboermappe”). For further practical information please consult this guide.

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Name Telephone

Janitor, Peter Madsen

+45 21247549,
or leave note in mailbox

Contact information and useful telephone numbers


Telephone + Opening Hours


International Centre

+45 87150220
Opening hours:
Mon-Fri 10:00 – 14:00

Høegh-Guldbergsgade 4, bldg. 1650

8000 Aarhus C


+45 82505050



+45 86183021

Kollegie Kontoret

(Housing Agency)

+45 86132166

Nordhavnsgade 1,

8000 Århus C

National Registry at ’Borgerservice’

+45 89402222,

The city hall (Entrance by the tower),
Park Allé, 8000 Århus C


+45 87311448
(112 emergency)

Police Bike Auction
. Wednesday of the month at 13:00

(inspection of the bikes between 12:00-13:00)

Skanderborgvej 104-06
8260 Viby J


+45 20261020

State Library

+45 89462022
Mon-Fri: 09:00-18:00
Sat: 11:00-14:00


Main Library in Aarhus

+45 89409200
Mon-Thurs: 10-19/ 20
Fri: 10-15/16
Sat: 10-14/15

Møllegade 1
8000 Aarhus C

Mobile Phone Operators

Mon-Fri: 10:00-21:00
Sat: 09:00-17:00

Graham Bells Vej 9-11
8200 Aarhus N

Aarhus Turist Information

Transportation in Aarhus

Transportation in Denmark

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